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WK6 Done ✅


Took my daughter’s advice & changed to a new route to run the 9K this afternoon, it’s got a point of no return on it, once you use the downslope to the canal you are committed to the circuit.

Really enjoyed the run along the tow path & using canal barges as pacing aids 🤣🤣.

Must admit I felt a bit self conscious running in my leggings & running jacket I treated myself to off eBay but with the gloves I bought I was really warm & didn’t feel chilly on my warm down walk.

I never would have thought in a year I would have shed 4.5 stones, done C25K , be 2 weeks away from running 10K & really enjoying it.

Have a great weekend everyone 🏃‍♂️🏃🏻‍♀️

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Well done! A change of route often works wonders. The changes you have made to your life are brilliant 👏


Fantastic effort - well done. It’s always nice to try a new route. You’re nearly there!! 👏👍🏎🏁

Hi Crib, Brilliant!!!! Ah yes! A change of route is usually a win! Congratulations on your 9k! I should imagine the 10k podium is being prepare in your honour! 👏🏻🏃🏻🏃🏻🏃🏻 And your weight loss!! Wow! I should imagine you feel like a different person! Well done you! 😊⭐️


Well done you! 👏👏👏 10k is oh so close and the big school podium has a space ready with your name on it! Brilliant run! 👍😀💪


Well done Crib, you are doing brilliantly. I think we are all going to be putting extra layers on this weekend- summer is definitely over! Weight loss of 4.5 stones is amazed- you must find running so much easier as a result. 🏃‍♂️👏👏

Well done, keep going, you’re doing brilliantly and so close now! Enjoy your weekend 😊


Not long now! Well done!!


The canals are super to run along. Some parts are muddier than others. Well done on your run. Heading towards that podium at a nice, steady speed.

Info on CRT for anyone interested:

Canal and River Trust is now a charity and no longer totally funded by the government. If anyone is bored and wants to volunteer some time there are groups all round the country looking after different parts of the canal system canalrivertrust.org.uk for more info. It's a great way to make friends!

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