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Accompanying a friend doing c25k


She was just starting: week 1 day 1 and I said I would do it with her. She was very slow (as I was when I started), but it brought it all back: how you thought a minute would never end and you had to do 8 of them; how you didn’t know how you would manage one minute let alone twenty. Today I couldn’t believe how short a minute’s running really is. Sexy Michael Johnson seemed to be saying slow down when we had barely started.

Anyway, Kate did better than I did in my first week. She didn’t get really out of breath and she didn’t get massively red in the face. I can remember feeling as if I was going to die. It just shows how amazing the program really is, that it gets you from one minute runs to 10k races and beyond.

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You can coach your friend Kate throughout the whole of the C25K program Flick, it will bring back memories for you when you first did it yourself. It will be particularly interesting when you and Kate get to run 3 of week 5.

FlickM3Graduate10 in reply to AlMorr

That’s unlikely as she lives an hour away and, being a teacher, has limited time. Now she’s done the first day she’s confident about carrying on alone 😊

it is quite humbling to think that only months ago i was in the same boat that minute was the longest ever ( until i started doing planks :P ) , i ALWAYS sing c25k praises if people are "thinking" of doing it , and i wish your freind every success on the plan , she wont go far wrong with this forum for guidance ! it was defo my lifeline as i didnt have the running feinds i have now when i first started and if it wasnt for here im pretty sure i would have quit !

FlickM3Graduate10 in reply to secksy34

It is humbling. I’ve given her the link for the the c25k forum and am hoping she joins. It was a huge source of help and inspiration for me


Jogging along next to Dexy as she started C25K certainly did something for me - not quite sure what, not bringing anything back as I've always been able to run, but I own a lot more running kit now, enough to support a 3 times a week habit, and I suspect I'm about to commit to something seriously silly, though I'm surely old enough to know better :-(

Supporting someone on their way up is good for both people involved, imho. Not that Flick in any way needs the kickstart it gave me :-)

FlickM3Graduate10 in reply to UpTheStanley

Actually my partner is retiring next month and has said he might do c25k and run with me. In his case, he’s a sportsman, ex footballer, and very fit, also competitive, so I think he would soon be outrunning me

FlickM3Graduate10 in reply to UpTheStanley

Oh, and can we hope your something silly takes the form of Sturdy by Design leggings 😊 I can recommend the 🐉 dragon ones 😍🤩

UpTheStanleyGraduate10 in reply to FlickM3

I should co-co 😀


FlickM3Graduate10 in reply to over61andstilltrying

It was lovely to help her take that first difficult step


That must have been really rewarding for you - and a wonderful boost for her. You are pretty inspirational you know, she's very lucky :)

FlickM3Graduate10 in reply to linda9389

Thank you, that’s very kind 😊 I think she just needed that little bit of support to get her past the first day, which is really the hardest. She didn’t think she would manage 30 seconds, let alone a total of eight minutes.


That’s really great!! I’d love to do the programme again with someone willing! Unfortunately I can’t find anyone!!! (Thought of you when an ad for Sturdy by design Christmas leggings popped up on my FB newsfeed today!!!! ) 😂

FlickM3Graduate10 in reply to Sarakc

I’ve only done the first one with her. Now she knows she can do it, she’s happy to continue alone - which is great.

Ah, that’s what happens having me as a Facebook friend- who knows what else will happen 😂


That's great Flick - and you will have a wealth of knowledge and Lycra leggings to share, too!🙂

FlickM3Graduate10 in reply to Sandraj39

Lol, yes, I think I’ve bored the metaphorical pants off her banging on about running gear 🤣


Well done for supporting your friend to get started. I remember my first run well – my mind thought I would run a minute easily but my body wasn't so cooperative! As you write, amazing how fast we progress and accept our new level of fitness as 'normal'.

FlickM3Graduate10 in reply to Flyingred

So true. I could barely stagger 20 yards back then, and now I’m running races and working towards a half marathon

I’m going the same with my friend who fell behind me. It’s so satisfying how fit I feel now compared to when I did the same runs

FlickM3Graduate10 in reply to glentoran99

It’s amazing isn’t it 😊


Lovely Flick. What a great thing to do - and to reflect on your own experience too! I want to do it but have no one willing to begin c25k - will have to start nagging I reckon! Xx

FlickM3Graduate10 in reply to Dizzysmum17

I’m quite glad not to do the whole thing with her really. I wanted to go galloping away butbhad to jog on the spot to keep pace with her, though I would have kept going with her if she wanted 😊

Dizzysmum17Graduate10 in reply to FlickM3

Yeah I hadn’t thought of that - I guess we were all like that at the beginning. I thought if I did it with someone I would do it as intervals but I guess that means I’d be disappearing off into the distance - if the way I started is anything to go by! Xx

FlickM3Graduate10 in reply to Dizzysmum17

That’s exactly what I was hoping, that it would be intervals, but 5hey were too slow. I wasnt even remotely out of breath and my heart rate was low.xx


Brilliant, Flick! 😃🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️❤️ And a timely reminder to me of how far we’ve all come in such a short time too. (Yesterday I ran my first 12k, and was whining to myself that it didn’t feel as easy as I’d hoped adding on that extra 2k of distance! 😂😂😂)

FlickM3Graduate10 in reply to mountaindreamer

Well done for your 12k! That’s the furthest I’ve done.❤️


Good for you Flick. Let's be quite clear about this, it is the love and support of others that makes all these impossible stories possible. Determination helps, but we all need help from time to time.

What? Run for a whole Minute, eight times in half an hour? You gotta be kidding!

I couldn't have done it without you lot. Tell Kate we are here for her too.

FlickM3Graduate10 in reply to theoldfellow

I’ve told her I couldn’t have come this far without the support of everyone on these forums. I texted her the link for the c25k forum and I hope she joins.


Well done Flick, it really is a step Into the unknown when you start c25k and it must have been an enormous boost for her. Good that you pointed her in the way of the forum too. I didn’t find it until the end of week 7. A nice slow run after your 10k at Blenheim too. 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️👏👏

FlickM3Graduate10 in reply to Dexy5

I was lucky in that my daughter started c25k two months before me and pointed me in the right direction. So glad she did 😊

Dexy5Graduate10 in reply to FlickM3

And it’s great that mum and daughter can run together now. 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️


Aah it really is amazing!! This forum has been the absolute best, as sharing really makes you realise it’s possible and the encouragement to go for it is phenomenal. Wishing Kate lots of enjoyment on her journey!! She certainly has an amazing running partner Flick 😉❤️.

FlickM3Graduate10 in reply to Fabulous450

Isn’t this a fab forum for advice and support! I will pass on your good wishes to Kate. I may not run with her again for a while though. We live some distance apart. She’s a teacher and the only reason she had space to come over is because it’s half term 😊

Fabulous450Graduate10 in reply to FlickM3

Even if it doesn’t happen again soon, I’m sure your run together will have been inspiring Flick!! 😁😍❤️


That's a great thing to do, Flick, I'm sure she'll really appreciated your support. I've probably mentioned that I teach as well. I started in Feb half term of 2017 and wondered how I'd keep it going with the dark nights. I don't know if this will help Kate but what helped me was working out which was my least manic day (ha ha!!?) & taking running kit to change into so I forced myself to sneak off on time to squeeze in the 30/40 min & ran in a well lit area. It is still the case that if I make it home intending to run (in winter), I will sit down, drink tea and usually fall asleep! Wishing her lots of luck. x

FlickM3Graduate10 in reply to Slinkymalinki

Thank you for this. i will convey your info to her. There are quite a few teachers on here, so it can be done! x


Well done Kate and will done you for supporting

FlickM3Graduate10 in reply to Richard7

Thank you. i will tell her!

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