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Thinking about moving on after running 5K...

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I’m new on here, and as I’m on my 9th (and therefore final) week of C25K I’m wondering what comes next.

I’m 63 now, and was very overweight before starting running, but I’m pretty much losing my previously fat belly now, and am feeling pretty good on it.

I didn’t really have any fears about doing the C25K course but I do have a few worries about moving on to the 10K runs, and the main one is the possibility of having a heart attack if I somehow overstretch myself somewhere where there’s no-one around to run for help or to administer CPR.

My doctor was perfectly happy for me to do the 5K course, and the last time I had it checked just a couple of weeks ago she told me that my blood pressure was “perfect” (her actual word) so I reckon that might stand me well for carrying on. Could anyone advise me on this please, or does anyone have any thoughts on any of this?

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Welcome... well done so far.. a mere youngster :)

Head for that podium and then maybe check this out...?

After graduation, consolidation is the name of the game and a slow and steady build up.... what's new? If you have the go ahead and all is well physically... then you should be fine... just keep it all gentle and relaxed and you will be amazed where you get to!

Also.. Take a peek at the pinned post

Lots of support and hep on this forum... and fun too:)

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Welcome to the bridge Graham, and good luck with your graduation run. When you post your graduation you will be sent a link to really useful information and things to do and not to do. It is important to consolidate for at least a few weeks before extending the duration of your runs. When and if you are ready juju’s plan to 10k takes you to longer distances in a safe way.

I cannot comment on your medical condition, but as a result of being on the plan I (60 years) have been taken off my blood pressure medication and my heart rate has improved. My message is, just take it slow and steady.

Well done Graham, you’ve come a good way and it sounds like you’ve achieved a lot.

Your worries are valid but you’ve done the sensible thing and went for a check up. It sounds like you doctor approves of your exercise.

Now just continue with your regular schedule and if you want to slowly but surely build up to 10k.

What I’ve done after the consolidation weeks was to add 5min into my “long” run day, which is Friday! After I got to 60min comfortable running I signed up for my first 10k. :)

Good luck Graham and I hope you keep running for a long and fulfilling time.

A x

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Well done on graduating 👍😃🏅

Getting to 10k was my fave thing 🤗. I stuttered a bit around 7km but pushed through. it’s a great distance to nail as it’s a launching pad to going even further should you get the urge. You only increase distance incrementally, no more than 10% a week. Cross training at this point becomes more important. It can be walking, swimming, cycling, gym stuff or,p home exercise, yoga . Anything to improve your core strength💪🙂

Good news on your Improved health and weight loss 🙂. You’ll feel much better for it.

Thank you, MMlk and misswobble

I graduated today, and whilst I’m unsure as to how long it’ll be before I have at running 10K, I’m certain that I’ll be continuing to run for as long as the weather allows.

I’m a bit nervous about running on ordinary pavements after a nasty fall on on last year (when I was doing a little bit of running then) and my local park will soon be too dark for running in at night so alternative venues are needed very soon for Thursday nights. I run on Saturday and Sunday and Tuesday afternoon’s (through doing flexitime) but I need to sort something out for Thursdays, so it might even be the local gym to keep fit there until the light nights are back next spring.

Thank you again for getting back to me, and apologies for the pretty late replies.

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