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Running on water!!

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Not exactly but my feet did get rather wet! Decided to make most of low tide this morning and was even more surprised when my husband said he’d come too and have a wander round while I ran!! I was keen to try out my new leggings and top too!! Wee bit more faffage as I normally just run from home but we drove down to sea and I ended up forgetting my gloves and it was really chilly! We crossed the” bridge to nowhere “ and I set off on my brisk warm up walk. I could see another runner in bright yellow in the distance and I followed their footprints along the beach. I never did catch them up!! It was so windy on the salt marshes, I’d forgotten how hard that can be but once into the woods it was nice and sheltered! I love the woods and even got to see a deer today! Took me a bit longer than I thought but I soon spotted Andy sat on bench near car! He said he waved to me but turns out it was the runner in yellow!! ( He couldn’t remember what I was wearing!!!) Typical ha ha!! Anyway despite the strong wind and tired legs I seemed to get faster times on a couple of Strava segments! 😀🏃‍♀️

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Aww well done Sara. Looks lovely in the photos and the one of you top in your new gear. That was nice of your hubster to go along with you, at least you could do your bit and he, his. Xx

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SarakcGraduate10 in reply to quirkybee

Thank you!! Yes! First time he’s ever come along too! He likes to potter about and take photos. There was a really lovely pink sky early on before we went out but it was a bit overcast unfortunately! I quite often get up and run early then we go for a walk later!!! No wonder I’m always exhausted!!!! 😂

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What a lovely place to run! And how nice too that your husband came along. I often feel guilty leaving my other half at home when I go for a long run on the weekend. And then exhausted when, feeling guilty, accept his offer of a long walk somewhere! What to do?!

Running in woodland is my favourite ❤️ but I would love to try running on a beach one day.

Happy Sunday, Sara. xxx

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SarakcGraduate10 in reply to Sadie-runs

Aww thank you! The beach is ok and I feel I should like it more but it’s hard going at times with soft spongy sand and big stretches of water to jump over although it’s quite good fun I suppose! I love that it’s so wild where we are and not many people! 😀x

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That looks like a lovely run along the beach Sarakc but the wind can make all the difference to your running. Ours is generally westerly and parkrun goes to the east and back again so return journey can be a bit tough. Good training I am sure.

Nice photos- are they Andys good work?

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SarakcGraduate10 in reply to Dexy5

I’m so lucky to live here with such a choice of lovely scenic routes! I don’t mind the wind too much at all. I took all the photos (except one I’m in!) (He likes to take arty shots of the bridge!!!!) 😀

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Love this, my favourite type of run... gorgeous pics...

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