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Getting acquainted with the physio

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Hello fellow runners! Yes you are :)

Today was the first run after an abortive one on Sunday. Clearly I was not in a good place after Friday’s little jaunt, and I turned back after less than a minute of running because it was hurting too much. Grrrrr!

However, I’m not done yet. I’m currently waiting at the podiatrist to pick up my ew insoles, and I also had my first physio appointment today to try to get to the bottom of what’s going on with me. The physio was quite encouraging, said nothing was too bad, and gave me some stretches which should really help to loosen up the muscles that get tight when you supinate. So I have homework to do, and am back next Friday for round 2!

Oh - I’m still running. I’ve decided hills need to be part of my normal running route, so I did a gentle 2.5k this morning complete with hills :)

Happy running :)


26 Replies
Dexy5 profile image

That’s great that you can still run Neil. You get on with those exercises and you’ll soon be back to form. Have you got a follow up appointment booked?

in reply to Dexy5

Thanks Dexy, yes, booked in next Friday. Hopefully I’m on the road to recovery now. I’ll be broke, but still running at least!

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Dexy5Graduate10 in reply to

Money well spent though. You could spend that on a meal out and just get fat 😂

in reply to Dexy5

Darn it. Why didn't I think of that instead? :P

Tbae profile image

Glad to hear you have got everything in hand Neil.

This stretching malarkey is so important.

Pleased you have expert advice on which ones to do.

In general terms, at Woodland Workout, we have an expert coach,

his simple general guidance from him, post exercise stuff,

Not vigorous, do not over stretch,

whatever your normal is, for twingy/concerning areas, requires more than your normal.Breathe calmly and in harmony with your movement,this way you will ensure max benefit.

Hey Neil it is basic but I need to keep reminding myself and this coach does most weeks.

To simply recover your used muscles from their contracted position to their normal and natural length contributes to their recovery and readiness for next use.

Take care of you Neil.💥🏃‍♂️💥👏👏

in reply to Tbae

Good advice there Tbae, thanks :) this chap seemed to know what he was doing, and the whole thing was quite relaxing. I’m almost looking forward to the next one. Almost :)

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Good insoles can be life (run) savers. What happened to you man? Nothing too painful, l hope?

in reply to mrrun

Too much running I think, or rather the stretches I was doing weren’t enough. Apparently because I’m a supinator that means I need to keep on top of the stretches...

Sadie-runs profile image

Hurrah! Glad it is nothing serious and that you have homework to do (guffaw!) I am so pleased you got to see someone. And I’m proud of you (as always), for being so positive and dealing with the issues.

Will be interesting to see if the new insoles help, too. Be sure to do those stretches, okay? Religiously! (Though not during Sunday service).

Really happy too that you can continue to run. Yay!

Sadie-runs xxx

in reply to Sadie-runs

Awwww thank you lovely Sadie! It may be a pain doing all the stretches, and I know some people get away with it, but the effects of running are too important to me now. I’ve simply got to get back out there with the distance again. I badly wanted to keep going rather than head back today. Xxx

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Sadie-runsGraduate10 in reply to

Lorks, I stretch all the time! I have a lovely 10 min yoga for runners stretch routine that I do after every run, and do Pilates once a week and a yoga once or twice a week. Seems to be keeping me limber. 😊 Stick with it. Like you say, running is important to you. xxx

in reply to Sadie-runs

I've been doing those C25K stretches... but I don't think that was enough. Hopefully these new ones will do the trick. I was amazed that in a 30 minute session, he managed to get me a few more degrees of movement in my legs. How is that even possible? :)

Goforitmama profile image

2.5k is always better than 0k. Good luck.

in reply to Goforitmama

Well yes indeed. What I was pleased about is that after 2.5k I had hardly broken into a sweat. I didn't feel like I was anywhere near my limit. Always a good thing! How are you doing anyway?

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GoforitmamaGraduate10 in reply to

I’m okay thanks. I was not feeling well for a while. But am feeling better, stronger and more positive again. I had planned to be running 8ks by now (there’s a nice 8k from my house that’s especially good this time of year), but health issues held me back. I didn’t stop running, but my progress went backwards due to health reasons. I found myself struggling to complete a 5k comfortably and that was really out of character for me. I went back to week 6 of the C25k plan and am progressing nicely from there. I’m going out for a run after I finish this message. It’s a dry, chilly but sunny morning - a perfect autumn running day, it’s sure to give me that inner smiley feeling.

If there’s such a thing as re-graduating c25k I should be there in 2 weeks.

Good luck with your recovery, it sounds as though you have all your bases covered and you should get back to your regular running self soon. I think that when we have these set backs that it’s good to have a plan so that we can move forward. When making a plan it’s also important to put our egos to one side (well I had to anyway!) so that our plan is not too over ambitious.

Take care


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Well done Neil. Great staying power

in reply to Richard7

Thank you! I was desperate to run further but held back. I'm quite glad I did, I think my confidence would have taken a battering if I had had to stop early or abort the next run or something.

Irishprincess profile image

If it makes you feel any better, I send and receive Christmas cards with my physio 🙄🙄

in reply to Irishprincess

Lol! Well that's just polite though, isn't it? Actually the whole physio experience was great, but one that I feel will leave my wallet feeling considerably lighter lol

Dizzysmum17 profile image

Glad you can still run Neil - that’s so much better than no running at all - and I know you’ll be back up there doing your thing really soon. Take care and look after yourself. 🏃‍♂️ x

in reply to Dizzysmum17

Thanks, yes, I'm pleased too. The physio said that generally they try to find ways to keep people running if possible, because as you rightly say, running is so much better than no running!

How are you getting on with your quest anyway?

Dizzysmum17 profile image
Dizzysmum17Graduate10 in reply to

Your physio sounds very wise!

I'm going good thank you - did a great 5K PB this morning (wasn't planning it!) - according to Strava anyway - and I'm planning on attempting a 10K on Sunday or Monday hopefully! We will see - I'll play it by ear and won't force anything but just go with the flow - :)

in reply to Dizzysmum17

Congratulations on the PB!! Unexpected PBs are the best, they really are. Just take it nice and gently, and I think you might surprise yourself :)

Dizzysmum17 profile image
Dizzysmum17Graduate10 in reply to

Thanks Neil - I'll keep you posted! x

DebJogsOn profile image

Glad to hear you're fixable 😊

BaddieThePirate profile image

Totally proactive and motivated. Way to go. Hope you heal soon.

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