Great run after recovering form running kit related injuries

My last run (b210k w2r2) was bad, really bad. I had a sore toe, itchy sore bit under breasts and it was hot and sunny. I was also tired, leaden legged and kept forgetting to breath properly. I also forgot to run the bit of my route around the pond, took a new route along a really sunny path by a road and had just about expired by the end of my 2nd 1 min walk. The 1 minute turned into 5 and I headed for home, though I did manage to run another 5 mins before the cool down walk.

So, I hit the internet to put right all that was wrong with that run. I still have some questions though.

1. Sore toe actually has a name - runner's toe :-). Caused by too small shoes usually. I checked the fit of my shoes before heading out this morning and I don't think it's the shoes, it's the socks. They're too fluffy inside which makes them tight. I changed to thin socks before heading out and never noticed my toe all run. What type of socks do others prefer? Thin or thick?

2. Sore bit under breast turned out to be a raw, and slightly oozing welt by the time I got home. Culprit was clearly my running bra. It's a good quality Shock Absorber one so shouldn't be giving me trouble, it hasn't before. After a bit of googling it turns out running bras only last 6 months to 1 year. Hmmmm, the one I was wearing could be reaching double figures (years not months) and most of the rest aren't much better. Time to ditch them and stick with the brand new Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Bra. I'll need to buy another couple of bras so I'm not having to fish it out of the dirty washing basket too often. The Shock Absorber is great and I've no complaints but thought it might be good to try another brand to see if its as good, and maybe a bit cheaper. Can anyone recommend another good make? I've tried everything in the high street shops and they were nowhere near as supportive as the Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Bra.

3. I drank a lot of water yesterday, 2 litres at least which is unusual for me. A friend also gave me some electrolyte tablets to put in my water before the run and in my bottle while running. They seemed to help even although they were blackcurrant flavour (eughhh!). The tablets were sugar free but must have been full of sweeteners which left a horrible taste in my mouth. Which is better for running, sugar free or or with sugar? I'm not looking to loose weight so calories aren't really a consideration. I would have thought with sugar so they can contribute to energy but if that's the case, why do sugar free ones seem to be the most prolific in online shops?

This morning's run was much, much better. I stuck to the shade, made sure I was hydrated and ran slowly. And best of all, no more running kit related injuries. I'm definitely ready for week 3.

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  • The hot weather will affect all sorts of things. Your hydration and energy are obvious ones so taking water with electrolytes will help with that. Your feet will swell more in the heat so your socks or shoes may feel tighter more so now. The increased sweating will make clothing run and chaff too which may be why your bra was rubbing. A good bra is essential and I too have the shock absorber. I also have an m&s sports bra that zips up the front and I do not move in that at all! Well worth the money.

  • I didn't realise how much hot weather affects until the bad run. Last year it didn't affect me at all but probably because I couldn't even run for a minute this time last year! By the time I could run for 30 mins it was cooler.

    I tried pretty much all of the M&S bras and I didn't find them as good as the Shock Absorber. I was really hoping that they would suit me because I had a voucher to spend and they're a lot cheaper. Deep down I think I'll be spending another £40 because my suspensory ligaments are worth it!

  • Have a look at They sometimes have sales on shock absorber bras.

  • Sale on! Back soon, just going to find my credit card :-)

  • Do you find these fit to usual size?

  • No, I'm usually a 32DD but I take a 32D in the Ultimate Run Bra. It's quite tight around the ribs but nothing moves.

  • Half price red and lime :-) :-)

    So bought a clashing pair of shorts too.

  • I have bought a bright pink one, rude not to!

  • Ooooo. Lots going on there! Anniemurph did a recent post on the Marathon forum about socks, excellent amount of information, check it out.

    I use M and S bras currently, one with Wires, one without. I find them v good. You need them to fit well though.

    I use High5 tabs, the cherry ones are actually ok, quite bland. If you order on line and collect from Halfords, they are half the store price, £3.99 or so for twenty.

  • Thanks for the tip on the High5 tabs. I'll check them out. I definitely like cherry better than blackcurrant. I'm going to check out@Anniemurph's post and replies now. Thanks :-)

  • I walked into Halfords, ordered on my phone whilst I was in there, took a pack and the order number to the till, job done😃 Pay at the till.

  • I love the convenience of modern shopping :-) I daren't set up Amazon one-click though, that would be fatal to my bank balance.

  • I wear different socks depending on my trainers, and the weather. I'm mostly a trail runner as well so.... hot and sunny in nontrail shoe means skinny socks. But very damp underfoot in trail shoes means skinny socks too - the dri fit ones. Otherwise it's trainer sock type socks of varying thicknesses. And they're always single skin socks. The twin skin ones just make my feet sore.

    I did not know that about bras. I was going to look at getting another one soon though, just might have to be even sooner. Oddly I have just acquired a spare off my daughter - it's just a cheap thing from H&M but it's been fine (and I'm a D cup).

  • Socks! Did you find my post? Some fascinating responses on there.

  • Yes, I did find it. I'm now subscribed to the marathon forum. I'm definitely not going to be doing any marathons in the foreseeable future but loads of good advice on that forum. Your post and replies need a thematic analysis doing on it to pick out all the different good advice :-). Thanks for posting the original comment.

    I never realised socks were so complicated. The thin ones I wore this morning definitely aren't doing the job because I ended up with a blister on the side of my toe.

    On a more positive note, my Boots order arrived with little silicone toe protectors to try on my damaged toe. And even better, my free gifts included two different foot creams.

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