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Not good at selfies, pretty rubbish at running...

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... but I feel BRILLIANT! My 3rd Parkrun! Not a PB I don't think but WHO CARES! I started my C25K journey on July 16th, I honestly don't remember *ever* having run further than between 2 lampposts *in my life* (even with Mrs Hughes shouting at me in PE) and now I can run 5k! Run! Without stopping! Yay me!! Yay you lot for being so supportive! Yay Parkrun people!

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Great stuff LL. You're obviously buzzing ….. and hopefully headache-free?

Thanks! Yes, listened to the advice and drank loads, also kept trying to relax my shoulders,an tried to stop using the smartphone so much as I'm sure crouching over the phone doesn't help. Xxx

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UpTheStanleyGraduate10 in reply to Languid_Lil

Great news! Onward and upward :-)

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Well done! I did my 4th this morning and feel the same . 😀😀😀. Relaxing with a lazy breakfast at the moment. Enjoy your weekend and parkrun glory!!

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Languid_Lil in reply to Deals1

Enjoy your breakfast - I've just demolished a croissant and some coffee 🥐☕😉! Go us!

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Great pic L_L 😂

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Fabulous! Go you! 😃

Rubbish at running be blowed! Sounds great to me! 😀

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Pfft! Rubbish at running???? You've just run 5km!!!! And run for 48 minutes - which is no mean feat of endurance! Really well done, you should be proud of yourself!

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Well done with the park run!, and . . . 5k is not rubbish 😀 Don't worry about the selfies, there's already more than enough selfies in the world 😂😂😂

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Brilliant! ... well done you!

I wish Mrs Hughes could see you now!

Parkrun next week? ... Enjoy!

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You are going to have to think about changing your name soon LL ; languid is not going to describe you any longer.

I think the secret to the perfect selfie is you have to pout your lips, suck in the cheeks and practice hundreds of times before you find the one you like. Most of us over the age of 40 just can't be bothered.😂

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Yay well done on the PB, and I love the pic, great angle too....

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...oh, I think we all had a "Mrs Hughes" somewhere along the way!!! Well done on your Parkrun!🙂

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