Good run at parkrun today!

Most of my "running" over the past few weeks has been slow and easy - and also have done a fair bit of walking (an hour each morning) - so today I was feeling quite good (rested) when I went to parkrun. I thought I would run at my 10K race pace - practicing 10K race pace over just 5K is a good exercise to do. I don't run many 10K "races" so it is good to keep the pace alive in my mind. But anyway, I just couldn't keep the pace down and finished up unintentionally getting close to my 5K PB that I haven't approached (deliberately) for over 6 months. I even finished up ahead of two fellow parkrunners who ALWAYS finish ahead of me !! :)

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  • Go Bazza! It just proves that the many slow runs ultimately make you run faster.

  • Wooo hoooooo! Can you see the pompoms??? Go Bazza, that's incredible! Victory dance for you here, well done. off you go to bask in your glory, now... :D

  • Fantastic Bazza1234 well done!

  • Well done, Bazza! I love the feeling of not being able to keep the pace down :-)

  • Well done Bazza, that's great :)

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