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Happy Thursday


I’m sort of on Ju Ju’s week two of the 10k plan but fannied around this morning putting off running... (changed a light bulb, hoovered ..another cup of tea) until eventually I kicked my butt out the door and Im so glad I did. I just had such a lovely run 😊.

Its still very warm here but there is a nice breeze. I decided to run through the lanes with crispy leaves and acorns underfoot . I shared lots of smiles and good mornings with dog walkers and men in white vans and for once I opened my eyes, looked around me and fully appreciated how lovely my surroundings were on an autumnal September morning.

Instead of running and constantly thinking about my running I let my mind drift and by doing so I naturally slowed down , my shoulders dropped and I relaxed. I didn’t start my run with any goal in mind but ran 6K , most importantly I enjoyed every minute of it. 😀

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Well done. Your last paragraph sums up my run from Tuesday where I did an unintentional 11km :)

I can’t believe you did that in your lunch break! There are quite few lunch time running groups here and once a month some of the offices do a 5 k run for charity x

MikeJones68Graduate10 in reply to amanda2463

That sounds far more organised than our lunch run club!

Yours sounds so much better 😀


sounds lovely!


What a nice morning! x

Its gorgeous today and still very warm 🌞


A very Happy Thursday to you . It sounds like the perfect run to me. Enjoy your journey on juju’s plan. 🏃‍♀️👏

amanda2463 in reply to Dexy5

Will do thank you , funny how the days you dont want to run can be the best 😉


Yep, appreciate it all, soak it up. Watch where you’re going though ! I say this advisedly ☺️


Sounds absolutely bliss Amanda! Relaxed running without agenda, while enjoying your surroundings is absolutely the best way to run. Well done you! 👌🏽😍❤️


The best runs often seem to be the ones when you really don't want to go. I think I'm so darned pleased I actually got out there I feel good. Well done on a great run.

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