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Scottish 6k post celebration run


We are in Scotland celebrating our wedding anniversary (returning to the place where we married years ago). We celebrated yesterday with good food and a couple of different wines. I was keen to run off my excesses this morning so I left the hotel at 6.30am.

The hotel is on an old country estate. I enjoyed running the quiet lanes of the country estate. Lots of wooly sheep in the fields, a few old gorgeous stone cottages and some wooded areas. I saw 2 deer in a wooded area beside the laneway and then another just before the end of my run on the long driveway leading to the hotel. I know Scotland is famed for deer, but it was thrilling and delightful to see them - wild and free, just as they should be.

The cooler temperatures have come as a welcome break. The clean and refreshing air feels energizing.

I felt so much better after my steady 6k. We head back to Canada in the morning.

The photo was our 7 year old DD’s idea of finding the Loch Ness Monster.

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Congrats on the wedding anniversary - and the run!

GoforitmamaGraduate10 in reply to southlundon



Congratulations!! And sounds like a lovely place to run!

I’ve been living in Scotland for 4 years and love it! There are deer in the woods near us and I spotted one today on my morning run! I must admit it was quite dark and I made myself scared!!! (Thought it was a big loose dog at first!!! 😂)

GoforitmamaGraduate10 in reply to Sarakc

I love it here, so beautiful and the people are lovely.


Hey 👋🏽 That’s sounds like such a beautiful run and 6k!!! 😁😁😁 Happy Anniversary too! 😍! I love the photo!❤️

GoforitmamaGraduate10 in reply to Fabulous450

Thankyou. It was a lovely run. It’s so nice to get out by myself, explore and take in the scenery.


Happy Anniversary 😄


Happy anniversary and happy 6k 😍

Sounds wonderful 😍

GoforitmamaGraduate10 in reply to Little-runner

It was just perfect. I love the way that running starts the day.

Congratulations on your anniversary. Sounds like a good run in nature. Love the photo 😊


What a wonderful end to your holiday. Sounds perfect!

GoforitmamaGraduate10 in reply to SaskAlliecat

It was beautiful. If I lived there I’m sure I would be a trail runner too.


Sounds like an amazing run. And well done you for getting out there after your celebratory evening! Safe travels x

GoforitmamaGraduate10 in reply to Saartjie

Thanks, it was a really fantastic run, not because of a good pace (way too many indulgences in the restaurant and bar the night before for any PBS the next day!) but because if the scenery and the deer.


Congratulations! I’m very jealous of your trip being a Scot who hasn’t been back in a few years 😄

GoforitmamaGraduate10 in reply to lollytwist

Scotland is for sure one of my favourite places. I love the area around Braemar and also the hotel estate (near Dunblane). It is just so special. We had not been back to the UK for 7 years, and not been back to Scotland for 8 years. I really do understand why you Scots are so very proud.

We were in Edinburgh yesterday and a street piper made me feel emotional when he played Flower Of Scotland and I'm not even Scottish!

Good luck with your running!

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