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Sore hip


Since bridging to 10k I’ve had a niggle in my right hip. Last Thursday I completed a 10k and felt good I then went out last Saturday and had to stop at 2k as my hip was killing me. I’ve left it till today to go out again. I’m typing this walking back to the house after only 3k again with a very sore hip. I have the great Scottish run in 6 weeks and I’m feeling down. Any help would be appreciated

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See a physio. Nothing else is worth discussing.


I agree with Pink, get some professional advice GRoy.

I hope you get it sorted out soon for your big run, but you’re best taking their advice, whatever that may be. You don’t want to make things worse. ❤️


I had a very sore hip that stopped me running 3 weeks before a marathon. I just rested. No running at all! On the day I ran/walked the thing and was fine

I now do more hip exercises and strengthening stuff in general 💪

Physio is a good idea but don’t get down. Could be just that you need to develop some core strength which gives your legs more stability as you run. Good luck!

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