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Sore hips. Thoughts, anyone?

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The title says it all. I'm hoping to benefit from others' experience of this.

I ran 8.1km this morning but my hips started to hurt and I only managed the last couple of km at all because I had made a wee bargain/compromise with myself that instead of running all the way home I could run to a café I like and have a coffee and a bacon roll! I then walked the last km home with my sore hips - well I could hardly leave them in the café really...

I know it sounds silly but I don't even know how to tell if it's my joints or my muscles that are sore.

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Sorry to hear about the sore hips, you'll sort it! Sounded like a good idea going to the cafe, hope the link helps..

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Oh Anne , sorry to hear this . I can't really offer any medical advice , I can only tell you of my personal experience of hip pain .

I had this last year , went to the docs , who sent me for an X Ray which came back okay no stress fracture , so I went to a sports Physio and was diagnosed with trochanteric bursitis ( it's mentioned in the link Dave has posted )

I rested for 2 weeks and did the exercises the Physio gave me . They were mainly core and glute strengthening exercises .

I would definitely rest it first as you don't want to aggregate it by running with it .

I would suggest a sports Physio if you can afford it .

Hope you feel better soon xxx

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Anne are you one of the Sammi Bridge to 10k ladies? If so, you could have fallen foul of the curse of the Sammi podcasts. As I mentioned to JaySeeSkinny the other day, lots of HU people have picked up injuries following these podcasts. The distances do ramp up very quickly and that isn't always a good idea. Maybe you need to rest for a while and then consolidate a bit.

I feel like a bit of a doom and gloom merchant with these warnings but over the last 2 and a half years I've seen loads of posts where people have complained of getting injured whilst following that particular B210k programme. Some people are lucky and have no problems, but a lot aren't. Hope your hips are feeling better very soon :)

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Thanks for your kind thoughts, folks.

davelinks and poppypug , I'm going to research all that!

AncientMum I can't blame the program to be fair. (Don't know if it's the one you're talking about or not. Is Sammi a man? It's an American-sounding man who talks in my ear when it's time to run/walk/stop.) But it's not the program's fault - it's entirely mine. Last week I was meant to be on Week 4 but I was feeling so strong and comfortable I did quite a lot more than I was supposed to. I ran 10k or near it on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and then I did the Parkrun on Saturday.

Knowing it's my own fault is no comfort though!

I'm barring myself from running until Saturday at the earliest. If I'm still achey on Wednesday which is my day off, I'm going to try for a GP appointment.

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Get well soon!

I had this at the beginning of the summer and posted on here. Got loads of recommendations for hip stretching exercises. The same as you I couldn't really work out where the pain was just general hip pain. But when I found the right exercise I could really feel it. I now stretch my hips after every run. I also took a few weeks off running to get over the worst of the pain. Try sitting on a chair with one leg bent in a figure of 4 shape across the opposite knee then bend forward. And again on other side. Next one try lying on your back. With your knees bent cross your legs just above knee. Then lift up with lower leg and hold. And again on other side. These two work great for me. But there's more out there. Good luck :)

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I had a few hip problems earlier in the summer. They didn't stop me running initially but weren't settling so I took a short break of about 10 days and did some stretching for the piriformus /glute muscles. I also upped my core strength work and now regularly do the bridge on rest days. Also that second stretch mentioned by Ruth_canal_runner is one of my favourites. Seems to have helped as my niggles have since settled completely. Good luck!🙂

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Yay great you're feeling like it's under control too! The 2nd one of those exercises works best for me too. Was trying to remember that word - piriformis - a word we really need to know now :)

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Thanks girls. The sitting down one I tried whilst working today. It certainly felt like it was hitting the spot. I've tried the other one too which also helps but will leave that strictly for at home. I don't want clients finding me lying on the floor at work!

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Great! Hope your hip gets better sharpish :)

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