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I want to stay in Scotland and run


Just 2 more days left in Scotland then back home to Coventry., have had a wonderful time here. Made better by getting 2 runs in. The first round Balloch country park and today alongside river leven. This morning was a lovely 10k alongside river leven. The footpaths were lovely to run along and there were no inclines. I even managed a few photos along the way. I know I should have a rest day but may do a sneaky 5k on Thursday night as we travel back Friday morning. It's been a pleasure running in Balloch

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I’m not surprised you want to stay and run there, Bertie! It looks wonderful. 😊❤️


Sigh ... how lovely 💜💜💜


It’s been lovely to see your holiday snaps bertiesugar


Thanks for praising Scotland 'bertiesugar' I live about 30 miles from Balloch and go there regularly, I think I mentioned that I did one of my C25K runs in Balloch Country Park, in fact, I am going there next Monday, however, it will just be a nice walk as at the moment I am not running due to a slight injury on my hip, I hope to be running again soon. That route that you ran today is part of the Glasgow to Loch Lomond cycle route, the last few kilometres along the river Leven.

bertiesugarGraduate10 in reply to AlMorr

It was a really nice route. Well signposted. I did see a sign saying Glasgow 21miles near when I started. I thought nice but not today lol

AlMorrGraduate10 in reply to bertiesugar

Enjoy your final couple of days at Balloch, the weather is to be typical Scottish, bright intervals and showers, temp about 16C, you could also watch some of the European Glasgow 2018 swimming events taking part near where you are staying in nearby Loch Lomond.

bertiesugarGraduate10 in reply to AlMorr

We went and watched the 5k open water races yesterday. Off into Glasgow today. Going to do an escape room thingy. Depending on time we get back and if and when I have eaten I might venture further in Balloch country park and run some nooks and crannies


That looks amazing. I’d definitely go for another run there 👍


Looks lovely. I worked on the West Side of the Loch just past the marina over 20yrs back when I was a student. I recall gazza was regulary crashing his speedboat into things and getting mullered at duck bay marina. Funny thing was i recall the locals saying Balloch was a bit of a dive and full of drugs issues. I used to get the electric light railway to there out of the town and never liked the station. Funny how perspectives change. Actually I wonder if it was just alexandria and Renton that were a bit ropey.


No issues where we are but we have only been here since Sunday and go home tomorrow. Just a 5 minute walk from the sealife centre. The apartment we are in from the outside we thought urrgghh but inside is lovely



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