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Question about 10 is the magic number


Hi folks,

Currently looking to start my post consolidation 10K plan.

After lingering on this forum for quite some time, I notice that generally everyone follows Ju Ju’s ‘10 is the magic number’ plan.

How did it come about to be the official plan for this forum? :)

On a side note, why is the first run of the week always a 4K? That would make it less that a 30min workout! Just wondering :)


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I have just started week 2 of 10 is the magic number, I have treated the lower distance runs as pace runs at sub 6 min/K pace but someone advised me you could also treat them as a chill out run as it follows a longer distance run. I’m sure you will get more replies from people who have done more weeks.


It's not the official plan, it is just the most popular it seems.

As to why 4k, well not everyone can run 5k in 30mins, in fact most can't so saying 4k is less than 30mins is not accurate. That aside it makes sense to have a shorter run in the week as it allows you to increase the long run without going over the 'increase total weekly distance by no more than 10%' rule.


Hi there, no its not official at all.... I am an admin on here and when I graduated from C25k I struggled with needing a structure so I started doing this rolling plan for people to use for support ( if doing there own thing etc, to provide a structure etc) however its entirely up to you to follow whatever plan you choose.... The plan is based on me researching loads of different 10k plans out there, and the shorter run is ideally intervals or could be recovery, and ensures that its within the 10% weekly distance increase. I hope that helps? :)

MMlk in reply to ju-ju-

Yes, thank you so much for clarifying!

I think I’ll take it as a guideline and do it. Initially I was looking at apps but the American robotic accent is a bit too much!

Cheers for making this. X

sallensonGraduate10 in reply to MMlk

No robotic accents here ;-)

misswobbleGraduate10 in reply to sallenson

Plus you get a weekly film clip made for you by Ju who very much leads from the front

She is a running machine! Same as the rest of us though having graduated from C25k. Do the programme and you’ll soon be crashing through the woods too 💪👍😃

sallensonGraduate10 in reply to misswobble

Think "Extremely Attractive, Incredibly Kind and Completely Lovely Terminator" and you won't be far wrong. That's our ju-ju- :-)


Its not official but it does work, it certainly worked for me anyway. As for run order, its not set in stone, I mixed it up a bit and did the runs in different orders, the most important thing is that you gradually increase your distance.


Hi there. I’ve just started ju_ju_’s plan and use the shorter run for interval training using the nhs choices ‘speed’ podcast with the lovely Laura telling me to get a bloomin move on. It’s a shorter (but knackering) workout and I usually have to run a bit further than the length of the podcast to make the 4K distance for the plan. But it works for me.

That’s a great idea!

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