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W4R3 8k became a 10K


Have struggled to keep to the schedule with traveling interfering with a regular training so had returned to week 2&3 for the 6&7k. Now I was on a regular 3 runs per week and set off for my first 8k. The first 7.5k was on a new route at which point I joined my regular 5k route at the turnaround point-all unintentional. However, joining a known route at that point gave me a boost. I thought my 8k would stop at the village pub but in fact that was already 8.5k. So when I got there I thought well, let's go to the end of the village(0.5k) and from there, "Well why not Sunny Corner?" Another 0.5k, and from there, " Well why not the park?" And that was the 10k mark! I felt tired but not winded and obviously pleased. Never thought I would be able to run a 10k but I have to say I had read some posts before setting out and they had all emphasized slow pace-so that was what I did.

The thought of an 8k had terrified me but now I plan to revert to plan and complete week 5 etc. Unfortunately I am traveling again so will struggle to maintain the routine. A final question-anyone have a running podcast for the 10K time frame-It took me an hour and 23 minutes.

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Well done diamondd 🥇🏆😁👏👏👏


Well done! Slowing things down gives you more staying power for these longer runs 😃👍

I don’t listen to podcasts, just my fave tunes, oh and Runkeeper coach who keeps me updated on progress - or lack of 😁

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