8K down, halfway to Great South Run distance. I will be attempting a slow 10k later!

Last week I ran an 8K which was good as it meant I did half of my Great South Run distance, with 3 months' training to go. Broke a bit of a mental barrier there. I've done a 7K and a 5K this week and later on today I will be attempting a very slow paced 10K. Wish me luck! I am quite nervous.

I went out last night for some drinks (which I don't normally do, bit of a rarity for me) so I don't think I am in the best shape to be tackling this today, but aiming to head out at 5pm and do my best, after getting some nourishment down me and lots of water. At least it's nice mild weather for running so I won't be attempting this in summer heat! Think there is meant to be a thunderstorm at 4pm so I hope it has passed before my run!

Happy Sunday everyone!

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  • Good luck with your 10k this afternoon Sarah - just take it nice and steady and I'm sure you will be fine! I really loved the GSR last year and was hoping to do it again this time round. Not convinced I will be back up to those sort of distances in time unfortunately but we will see!😕

  • You will get there Sandra.. you will !x

  • You say the kindest things Oldfloss, thank you 🙂x

  • Just the truth... :) x

  • Thank you Sandra. I did it! The main thing is to give yourself time to recover, so whether you make it or not, I am sure you will make the right decision for you. As Oldfloss says - you will make it back, and stronger, just a matter of time xx

  • Yay! Well done Sarah - knew you would! 🙂🙂

  • Hope you managed it Sweetie! Wow!!!

    Slow is the way...one of my favourite words, as you know :)

  • I DID IT :D :D :D :D

  • You're probably mid way by now Sarah. I hope the thunderstorm went somewhere else and you're enjoying your slow 10K. I'll watch out for your update 🙂

  • Thank you! I only went and did it! ;) Soooo happy. Just done another update.

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