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Clifftop at high tide today!


Hi all!

Couldn’t wait to go for my run this morning! I’d not been out since Sunday so was well overdue!

I’ve been busy at work and have felt a bit under the weather this week!

I checked the tides and was quite glad it was high tide as it makes the route decision easier! And I love seeing the bridge surrounded by water!! I thought if I was feeling ok I’d try for 10k !

It was already about 16 deg at 6.30 am so I wore vest top and capris! The ones with handy phone pocket!

I set off with my favourite playlist on Spotify! It’s such a mixed bag! From Van Morrison to the Cure and Elbow and even The Disturbed!!

I’m really trying to slow down to get my heart rate down as it’s averaging about 170 with high of 184 ish! Doesn’t seem to change much! I’ve stopped worrying too much now! Resting heart rate is 45 ish! I’m either very fit or not!!!!!!

It started to rain lightly as I got to the coast which was very refreshing although I had my glasses on and off! Eventually stuffed them in my pocket!! Took a few pics of the stranded bridge! The long reeds by the golf course are a lovely blue colour at the moment! Spotted a heron perched on a cement bollard in the sea! (Can’t be that short sighted!!!!)

Ran along by the harbour which was very busy with the fishermen unloading their catches! Mainly crabs! Sometimes lobsters!

Such a lovely run! I always enjoy the wooded bit nearer to home! Feeling energised now!!! 😀🏃‍♀️

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Looks lovely Sarakc, why would anyone not be tempted to run round there?!! Sounds like you were ready for it too...😊 x

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I know I’m so lucky!! It’s a tonic!! Hope you’re enjoying your holiday! 😀


They are great pics and a great playlist too! What a wonderful place to run. I would love to run by the sea and I’m hoping to do that a week on Saturday at the Swansea Parkrun as part of my summer Parkrun tour.

in reply to BrianUK

Thank you! It is beautiful even in all weathers and changing seasons!

Sounds great doing a Parkrun summer tour! I’d love that! Only done one before as I work Saturdays!!! 😀


I love your photos, such a lovely place to run. And your description of the things you see. And I haven’t listened to Elbow for years: I first heard about both them and Nick Drake in Phil Rickman’s Merrily Watkins series of books. Did you do 10k?

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Aww thank you! Yes I did just over 10k !! Was feeling a bit tired towards the end though!!

We were going to see Elbow in concert in Glasgow earlier in the year but it was cancelled due to the Beast from the East!!! 😬

Last concert I was at was Van Morrison in Nottingham about 30 years ago!! 😂

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The beast from the east has a lot to answer for!

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Definitely!! Scuppered a few running plans too!! 😆


So envious of your routes! Looks stunning!

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It is!! Although I really must branch out and find some new routes!!! 😀


Lovely photos- looks a wonderful place to run. Go you! 😄


Gorgeous pics. What a piece of paradise to run in.

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