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Lovely windy, rainy run

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Did a different route this morning, one that I tried before, about 12 to 18 months ago. I ducked out of Parkrun (again), even though I was up early enough - I chose instead to see my daughter off on a long drive up north this morning.

I set off at 10.15. The route was lovely, quiet, I didn't take headphones as I had to cross a farly main road quite early on. After that, it was into quiet lanes, lovely. Nice cooling breeze this morning although in direct sun it was still quite hot. Then, at about 2.5k, the point of no return, the rain came on heavy, down in stair-rods. Oh well I thought, I'm going to get wet whatever. Hair was tied back today so I didn't need to worry about that. I was listening out for thunder (as we had that yesterday) but none to be heard. After about 5 minutes the rain stopped and I was soon dry again! Thank goodness for wicking fabrics!

I veered off across (round the edge of) a field which had recently been harvested. Sounds from the cricket club in the distance. Then past the bowling club which was busy with folks in pristine whites, then the tennis courts where it looked like a man was having a private lesson with the coach. My, so many people doing sporty things on a Saturday morning! (does bowls count as a sport? :) only joking, don't take offence, anyone!)

Downhill from then on, back along quiet paths and pavements to home and a well-earned coffee and banana. 5.5k, the same distance as Thursday. I'm starting to think about possibly working back up to 10k again, is that mad?

Happy weekend, all! :)

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No, it's not mad Joy to be thinking of running a 10k, just take it easy and who knows it will come sooner than later. Nice description of your run this morning, all those sporting people, including bowls of course.

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Thanks, I've done 10k's but then don't repeat the distance for ages, so I always feel I need to work back up to it in order to avoid injury.

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I think we must be twins!


Yes... wonderfully, happily, amazingly mad.. go you! Well done!


That sounds lovely - I like running in the rain and thought it would be the first for ages yesterday, but it cleared before the 9am whistle and the sun came out, although I was glad of the breeze. Raining today but I'm not running. Maybe tomorrow.

I am also thinking of another 10K in September. So I need to start building up. Last year I did it by listening to the Polyrunner workouts. I worked through each one, adding 10 minutes until I finished the full hour, then moving on to the next bpm.

By the end this had the effect of adding about 1K per week to my longest run.


Have just read your post Joy. Fab read ! Very iydillic !πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

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