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Can a sprained ankle affect your brain too?


I thought I’d take my boot off, give my ankle an airing and do some strengthening exercises. So I have just run a bowl of water for my feet, then found one new slipper under coffee table. walked upstairs to find my right new slipper. Not in bedroom, back down checked under settee, out in utility, kitchen, dining room, back upstairs, under bed, in washing basket.... ffs I only had it last night!! Back down and out by sun lounger ?? Nope back in hall? Under stuff in stairs? Back upstairs? Back down.

Oh well bugger it!! Sit down to wash my feet and take the slipper off my foot that I have been looking for . The one under coffee table WAS the right foot... I was wearing the left one 🙄

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This is hilarious.🤔😂😂

Don’t worry it gets worse.🙈😂😂

I have done something similar looking for my glasses only to find them on my head.

Only consolation for you, I am as mad as the hatter himself.

Hope the healing continues for you.💥🏃‍♀️💥

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I swear I’m getting worse by the day. Yeah I have been doing little walks in the house and back in the boot to do any vigorous walking. Since I bought my shoe leveller I find I can walk more easily without the crutches and my hands aren’t so sore now,

Not quite so wary and wobbly today


Oh dear!!! Glad you found it :) I swear though, I've done way dafter things. The number of times at work I've gone to put the kettle in the cupboard and the tea bags in the fridge... and other stuff equally silly. I've grown simply to embrace it now!!

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I think most of it is because all I’ve done lately is lounge in the garden, read books and lounge on settee and play Mahjong on my iPad.

It was actually fun today to use my brain and download iTunes for my big sis, back up her photos, ( updating and tidying up get laptop at the time) and then convert her mobile from Vodafone to giffgaff. Reminded me of when I was still working.


Brilliant! Love the way you retraced all your steps too!

Anyway - you took your boot off! That sounds really positive!


😂😂. Classic! That did make me laugh. My favourite is when I’m looking for my glasses & I’m actually wearing them. At least you got some exercise- up & down the stairs.


Yes, 100%. 🤣🤣🤣 Most physical injuries do have a psychological effect too! 👍

Seriously though, great you got the boot off. I hope your confidence in the ankle continue to improve.

Don't worry about the brain fart! We all get those and the heat and change of routine doesn't help! 👍😁


Ha ha!! Glad I’m not the only one!!

I keep my phone in my running belt to listen to my music but I’d taken it out to take photos last week on my run! My music had stopped suddenly and I panicked as I felt belt and it was empty!! I looked behind me and checked all round road thinking it had fallen out! Then I realised it was in my hand all along!!! 😂

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Haha I was on the phone to my daughter the other day and she started cursing and muttering. I said “what’s up?” And she said “I’ve put my damned phone down somewhere and can’t find it !!!” Uhh Lol, ( her name, not laugh out loud)what do you think you are talking to me on?? And she’s only 31....

That’s funny.

True story a little different,

A neighbour of my parents many years ago decided he would cut a large overhanging branch from a tree.

He climbed onto the branch and sat on it , armed with his trusty saw.He was merrily cutting away holding on with one hand and sawing with the other.

Soon the job of removing the branch was complete and on the ground together with himself and a self inflicted broken arm.

Poor fellow. Just do not know what he was thinking.He had not even been drinking at least on that day.. It was a Sunday and back then no pubs opened then.🤔🙈😂

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