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9K - Not for the faint hearted! - B210K W5R3

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Where to start? As one of my VRB’s said recently how do you eat an elephant? (There were various answers!)

So today is a story of the good, bad & ugly....

The good - I had a proper gait analysis - on a running machine, with a video in slo mo and lots of angled lines on the screen.... ended up with Cloud On Ace - very comfortable (expensive) running shoes.

The bad - toe cramp in right foot is still there after around 4K onward but the burning under the ball on the same foot is gone BUT I now also have a burning under my left foot.

The ugly - I know I didn’t sleep properly last night and probably didn’t drink enough water today.

Result - A very very hard, painful run.

I kept having to stop (especially in last 2 km) to wiggle toes and move my feet around. It’s the hardest run I’ve ever done.

I got through it by telling myself that I know at least two of you ( sallenson and Fatdad71 ) would be giving your right arm to be able to be doing this tonight...

Going to look into some inserts for cushioning or something.

I got through it, but only just!!

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Ouch that sounds painful 😕 I hope you can figure out what is causing the problem. Well done for getting through the run though! And running on Clouds sounds like it would be an amazing experience 😊

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LoungeLizaardGraduate10 in reply to Eiralas

They are super comfy and my calves were better at the end.... although that might have been due to the more intense pain from the feet! Lol

Well, glad your calves are seeing an improvement- and hope the feet realise they don't need to hurt any more now you have Clouds 🙂

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Well done but sorry to hear about the pain. I’ve been so lucky so far with my feet.

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LoungeLizaardGraduate10 in reply to Jay66UK

Cheers Jay - gotta get this sorted out!

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Sorry to hear about the pain Mitch, hope it clears up. It's only Wednesday but I'm already dreading my 9k on Monday 😬 Well done for getting through yours!

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LoungeLizaardGraduate10 in reply to telford_mike

Honestly, it’s the first run in ages where my legs were actually ok - but my feet tonight were another story!!

I’ve spent the last hour looking for othotic inserts to give some more padding in the ball of the foot!

Aside from that, I was definitely tired at the end, but 9k was doable 👍. You’ll fly around it Mike!

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telford_mikeGraduate10 in reply to LoungeLizaard

Thanks! Still recovering from my 8k the day before yesterday, but I'll be out there giving it a go!

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Great distance in that time LL! 🤩 I hope the extra cushioning and hydration works better for you on your next run. You’ve done a brilliant job, especially with having that kind of discomfort! Well done! ❤️

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LoungeLizaardGraduate10 in reply to Fabulous450

Hope so! If there are sleep issues next week (I doubt it) but I won’t go!

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Hey Mitch...bit annoying getting rid of pains bit developing new ones! Hope it resolves itself. Well done on the run... I take it you are running ahead and doing the programme in 6 wks?

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LoungeLizaardGraduate10 in reply to Saartjie

Yeah, tell me abt it. I thought I’d get it ago and skip the repeated week. My legs were fine, it was only my feet - but that’s not connected to the distance! Lol.

As I’ve got 10K on Saturday week (1st) I prob won’t do 10k next Wednesday. I’ll do 5 on Saturday & Monday then have the rest of the week off

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That doesn’t sound at all enjoyable Mitch. sorry to hear that. But we’ll done on the 9k! Worth popping back to the running shop to explain your niggles to them. Pop your feet in a bucket of ice water to soothe the pain. Hope you get to the bottom of it soon. x

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LoungeLizaardGraduate10 in reply to Ripcurlrana71

Cheers Rip. We spoke at length about the burning, and at the time the clouds were the recommended pair (or the Brooks GTS) - might need a physio to take a look!

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Ripcurlrana71Graduate10 in reply to LoungeLizaard

Yes definetly worth a visit. 😊

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Congratulations on your 9km, Mitch! And with such a good time. So close now. 😁👏 But sorry to hear your feet are still giving you trouble. Maybe time to see a sports physio? I am sure it is something simple and that they could sort it out for you. I get a cramp in my middle toe after long runs, but so far only during the last km or so - so I know how painful it can be. 😬

Ooooh lovely new Cloud shoes! I am green with envy!

Sadie-runs xx

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LoungeLizaardGraduate10 in reply to Sadie-runs

Thx Sadie. Sports physio research will be done this afternoon lol

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Nice run, Mitch. And nice shoes too. And "Mitch does Biggleswade" has a nice ring to it. A bit like "Debbie does Dallas".

Sorry about the foot pain. Sounds like a physio trip to me if it doesn't get better soon. You be careful out there, hon x

Right arm? Both arms. And a leg. :-)

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LoungeLizaardGraduate10 in reply to sallenson

That’d be a long hop if you gave a leg lol.

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sallensonGraduate10 in reply to LoungeLizaard

I'll hop for you hon :-)

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Well done Loungelizaard, I hope you get your feet sorted soon .

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LoungeLizaardGraduate10 in reply to Dexy5

Thks Dexy ❤️

Hi Mitch,

The good is your achievement.Very well done on your distance and pace and your new shoes.

Good luck with a visit to a sports physio and a chat with the shop staff.

I hope you get the pain sorted and I am sorry to hear this.

When the brick walls appear, do not try and run through them.

Every best wish with your sports physio.🌟👏👏and let us know how you progress.💥🏃‍♂️💥

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LoungeLizaardGraduate10 in reply to Tbae

Thanks Tbae 🏃‍♂️

Hope your feet get sorted Mitch. Could it be due to your new shoes? Good news re the calf though and a fantastic run altogether! 9k - woohoo!

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LoungeLizaardGraduate10 in reply to _SimonT_

I think my feet have different requirements lol. My left foot wasn’t that bad during the analysis.

I don’t think it’s the shoe, but I’m gonna to seek advice. I can’t go through that every long run!

mountaindreamer profile image

Ouch, Mitch, but well done getting through it anyway! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻❤️🏃‍♂️

Did you wear the new running shoes for this big 9k run?😳

I’m trying out my new shoes walking first, then on my shorter runs, so they wear in a bit if needed and my feet get used to them. My ASICS are dead comfy now, but on their first short run they were rubbing awkwardly across one foot and I thought they were doomed. (I’ve still only worn them for 4k, though.) Perhaps your feet need to get used to the change a bit. Even lacing new shoes can take a bit of trial and error to get the fit right again. (I swear the padding around them settles down a bit, then you can lace them tighter later.) So maybe your feet are moving around a bit too much at the moment until you get them worn in a bit and laced right for your feet?

Whatever is happening, I hope you get sorted soon. We’re so nearly there now, aren’t we... 😊 xx❤️🏃‍♂️❤️

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LoungeLizaardGraduate10 in reply to mountaindreamer

Almost!!!! I’ll get there if I have to do the last km on my hands & knees, I’ll be crossing that line!! Lol

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Tbae in reply to mountaindreamer

I was thinking of you as I made my reply to Mitch.So pleased you did.👍👏👏

Orangeman also posted an excellent video on foot exercises some time back.I am sure it can be dug out.👍

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Exactly LoungeLizaard ...you got through it..you know what the problems were so you know what to do for next time yes? My next run is my second 9k but I’m still on holiday & not eating/sleeping/drinking right so I’m taking an extra rest day (again) but that 9k will be waiting for me when I’m good & ready....lots of things can affect a run but even a bad run is better than no run at all...you’re doing fantastically well, look how far you’ve come 😉

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LoungeLizaardGraduate10 in reply to Mummycav

An extra rest day sounds like heaven!! Lol. Hope all goes well ❤️

Sybilw profile image

Worried about you 😧. Pain is there to warn you so don’t push it too much. (Sorry to sound like your mum!!!) 😂🤣

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LoungeLizaardGraduate10 in reply to Sybilw

I know but its not a muscle pain (if you know what I mean?)…… I'll get it sorted :)

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The shoes don’t sound comfy if you’re looking for cushioned inserts and have a hot patch 🤔. They should be bang on. Take them back if you’re not happy

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sallensonGraduate10 in reply to misswobble


LoungeLizaard profile image
LoungeLizaardGraduate10 in reply to misswobble

Might go back and try the Brooks GTS then in that case...… I hope they have a return policy. If not I'll be selling the Ace's lol.

misswobble profile image

They will 👍. Running shoe shops want the best shoe for you It’s what they build their reputation on. As runners themselves they know how important it is

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LoungeLizaardGraduate10 in reply to misswobble

I’ll call them today 👍

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Well done Mitch. Almost there.

On the topic of your sore foot, I have Cloudflyers and I am having the same problem as you with burning ball of feet, one more so than the other. I have tried to persevere however I am thinking of contacting the shop as I did not get this with my New Balance shoes. :) :)

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LoungeLizaardGraduate10 in reply to Lorijay

I'm going to call the shop today and ask if I can return and try the Brooks GTS. I was getting the burning in the Asics in the right foot only. That had mostly gone, but the left foot now burning. Same problem, different foot...… Cramp still in toes on right...

I can see myself ending up running in one Asics on the left and one Cloud/Brooks on the right!!!! lol

As mw suggests, go back to the store.She is spot on.👏👏

We are all different,so they have got to be comfortable but with the best assessed support.

I ended up having Brooks Ravenna 9, I am neutral but unknown to UP & Running found I was neutral but recommended support because of my left leg and foot strike.Did not tell them initially I have no cartilage in my left knee.They found a problem anyway that needed to be supported.

Think Simon makes a good point also, in general, need to break them in gently perhaps.The shop will give you sincere and no nonsense advice, I believe.👍👏👏💥🏃‍♂️💥

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