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I’m still here!! 😁


Hello folks!

Just a brief note, I’ve not dropped off the planet or anything after my glorious 10k victory run. It’s just been a very busy week or two, plus my legs were a bit painful afterwards, so I’m taking that as an opportunity to have a wee rest. This was always the plan anyway, but I’m itching to get out there, so Friday, when I’m off, is the day I think!

I’ll just do 5k... “just” he says(!), but I’m already plotting a more exciting 10k route, and for some reason I can’t stop eyeing up the Manchester half marathon. There’s also the Marple 10k coming up in September I think... oh the possibilities!!

Have fun, run safe, I’ll be back soon 😆

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Glad you are still here Neil and with a plan in mind too :) Take care xx

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Thank you! I’m glad you’re still here too. I have been quite concerned about you actually. Are you bearing up ok?

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Thanks..yes..MIR on the 31st July..hopefully good news! Walking cycling and swimming at the moment..but so miss my runs 😊

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Well I can’t really help with any of that other than to be here to listen and encourage and be generally supportive! I can’t wait to see your “first run back” post.

Anyway I’d better go to bed, although there is a foam roller just looking at me waiting to inflict pain and healing first...


Oooo plans, plans - all exciting stuff- enjoy! 😃


Hi Neil. Yes I agree with the extra rest after the 10k’s. I’ve taken 2-3 days after each one. Really feel it don’t you?

Enjoy your 5k and your next 10K. 😊


Hey buddy! Planning races now! 😁 Look at you! I am so proud. I am thinking of a 10k race at some point (says she who said she would never enter a race). What have we become?! 😱

Hope you have a lovely run on Friday. I am out for a little 5k in a moment. 😁

Sadie-runs xxx


Funny but I always find extra rest after a longer run actually makes things worse ie the achey feeling goes on longer and that the best thing is some cross training the day after and a nice slow run the day after that at the latest.

Hurrah, glad you are still here! Your plans all sound good... thanks to posts like yours I am now looking forward to my first 5K-after-my-first-10K!


I always love your positive outlook! Go for it, sign up for the 10k! I am confident that you can do it.

It will be great to be among so many people with a positive outlook on life, the vibe will feel contagious!

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Thank you, that’s sweet of you to say. I do try to find the positives. I’ve struggled with depression over the past few years, and I’ve been working on being more positive, which has helped. Also running has been so fantastic for my mental health, it’s just amazing, and also the people, like you, who always post equally positive things back. Thank you!!

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