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Where to after the first 5K?


Hi all,

This is my first post. I am due to finish the 5k programme this week and do my first 5k Parkrun this Saturday.

Just wanted to know what you guys did after finishing. My intention is to start a 10k programme straight away aiming to run my first 10K in roughly 10 weeks from now, supplementing it with weekly Parkruns.

But as I haven't even done my first 5k I don't know whether I am taking it too fast. I have seen couch to 10k programmes that take 14 weeks to complete, so perhaps I'll be alright doing it? I'm thinking of downloading a 5k to 10k app.

What is your own experience?

Cheers! (-:

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Did you find C25K easy? How far do you get in your 30 min runs on C25K? Unless the answers are "Yes" and "Close to 5K", it might be unwise to stretch your runs out until you're entirely comfortable running 5K - which might mean a few weeks consolidation around 30 or 35 minute runs. Ju-Ju's programme on here gets you from 5k to 10k in 8 weeks …...

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Not easy, no. Very proud that I stuck to it. This is my third attempt at it.

I can't run 5k in 30 either, atm I do just over 4k, hoping to improve soon.

Yeh I see people mentioning Juju's plan, wondered what it was and how to find it.

Thanks for your reply!


I was way off 5k and did several weeks growing one run by 10% time until it reached 5k then a few weeks doing 4ks and a 5k. As UpTheStanley says, don’t rush on to 10k unless you are really comfortable doing 5s.

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Thanks (:

Read my post in the main couch to 5k bit, I managed a 10k on Sunday:) granted I was very slow, but at least I managed it! I'm sure by the time you get to yours you can build up a lot more speed than I managed too! Good luck!

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Well done that's super awesome, I will have a look (:


Hello MMlk, when you post to say you have finished W9R3 you will be sent a message from one of the mentors with a link to important information for grads. The recommendation is to consolidate for 3 weeks doing 3 30 minute runs before running for longer. Good luck with your final week

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Thanks that's good info

Don't be so quick to abandon the c25k forum 😄. The link below for "what next " is in the pinned posts on there. Might give you some ideas. Unless you are really fit you need some time to build your running legs - 9 weeks, cycling, walking, swimming don't do it.

In the olden days when I graduated with c25k there was no NHS follow forums we were on our own. I generally just ran 3xweek and sometimes used the odd week's podcast and when I got curious downloaded B210k which was 4x10 min runs and on to running 60 mins non-stop. Now you have ju-ju's plan which many people on here are/have done and enjoyed.


Enjoy whatever you do next - and stay off the IC 🍀

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Thank you!


I simply wanted to ‘nail’ 5K in 30min or below and was doing that for several months after graduation. Mind you, don’t obsess over it, the way I’m built that was not difficult. Next, l followed the 10% rule in order to get over to 10K and, you will see, it’s easier than it seems. Then l did what did with 5K. Consolidation through drill. I also never set any targets that could put pressure on me. I don’t ‘sign up’ for anything, always run alone and always do my own thing. Hope you do yours and enjoy the journey!

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Many thanks (:

Lots of people mention the %10 rule so I'll have to look into that.

I’m at exactly the same stage as you, MMik, and I’ve just posted a very similar question myself. I’ll be very interested to see your replies.

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