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Up with the larks


Urgh !. I wish I ran better after work instead of stupid o’clock in the Am 😣.

Rolled out of bed and Into my runners to do another 5k .

All was well and I really need to start upping my running time now. I can’t remember how many consolidation runs I’ve done since graduating C25K.

Did 32 min run last Sunday but I don’t have the time to start running longer than 30 mins during the week otherwise I’ll miss my train 😬.

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You're a better man than me! I can't get out of the pit in the morning!!


Early morning runs are the best! Well done for getting out and running - a run is a run! 🙌🏼🙌🏼

I love early morning running especially now as it's the only time of the day when it's fresh. I had a 'cold' run yesterday at 0500 - turned out to be 14 degrees😄

Thats the bonus for me to. I cant run in heat that well. Were off to Spain next week and I've just seen its 25 degrees at 6am!. Oh joy .

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