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First post-graduation run


I graduated on Sunday running the Frome 5k - my first official race and I loved it! I sure am hooked!! Today is my second rest day before starting my consolidation runs tomorrow. Any tips on how long to run for? Do I stick to 30 mins or run 5k (I ran 5k in 31:12 on Sunday so not much in it tbh). My aim is to run a 10K race next and I have already entered the BathHalf in March next year. I need to have goals to aim for!!

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You have great pace.🌟👏👏

Providing no other time constraints, nothing stopping you in building your running time up in modest intervals using the TPR.

Run for 35 mins and accept the distance and pace.etc.

Enjoy your freedom and consolidation runs.

Belated congratulations on your graduation.🥇🏆👏👏

When you feel you are in need of some structure🤔,

Laura’s C25k podcasts are there for you and 10 the magic 10K plan commences 10/08/18 Wk1.

Of course it is a rolling programme and you can jump on anytime.

Enjoy your journey , you are doing great. 💥🏃‍♀️💥


It's all up to you, that is the joy of running. I would suggest moving from time to distance as a run measurement, it just makes things more consistent and easier to measure. So consolidate at 5k for a bit and as a challenge see if you can get it sub 30mins :)


Hello, the recommendation is to consolidate for 3 weeks before you increase time and distance. As you are so close to 5k it’s probably easier to stick to that. Have fun.

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