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Taking it steady in the morning sunshine


Out bright and early this morning after 2 rest days to recover from Saturday’s exertions (10k run + 12k walks). Perfect conditions, sunny but still quite cool.

Let my feet take me where they wanted around the local neighbourhood - first time I’d run around here.

Knees still feeling it from Saturday so this was very much a “take it steady” shortish run. Just wanted to do an easy 5k, exploring the neighbourhood, and leave it at that.

However... it’s really great how my “happy pace” is steadily getting faster. And so in fact this ended up being a PB on Strava for 5k! 😀

Also bumped into one of my golfing buddies who was out walking his dog. At one time (not very long ago!) I would have been mortified with self-consciousness at this. But I have to say I now just feel like a “proper runner” and self-consciousness seems to be a thing of the past 😀.

We had a brief conversation (he was of course complimentary at my commitment etc) before I carried on my way.

It’s fair to say that every single encounter I’ve had, that I had originally been dreading due to self consciousness, has passed off brilliantly, with all the neighbours being really nice and just saying how great it was that I was getting out there.

A lesson for all newbies there, I think!

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Well done.

Your flying and PB’s to boot.💥🏃‍♂️💥


That’s brilliant Ian and you are indeed an outstanding runner and should be very proud. Take a 🙇‍♂️ bow. 🙌🏼🙌🏼

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Why, thank you kind lady 😊


Lovely! And yes, you are a proper runner. 💪😁 I no longer feel self-conscious - though to be fair have never much given a hoot about what anyone thinks of me when out running.

Sounds like a lovely jaunt, Hoagy. I plan to have my first post 10km run tomorrow. Might even make it a 5km. Debating whether to go for 10km at the weekend, just to make sure that Sunday’s performance wasn’t a flook. 😂

Sadie-runs xxx


That is indeed a wonderful lesson - very pleased for you!!


Lovely post Hoagy and congrats on unintened PB, well done!! I agree with Rip, you should be proud :) :) Have a great day.

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