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Half marathon training question


I am doing my first ever race in October- a half marathon. I’ve only been running since mid Feb and today managed a 15K having done 14K 2 weeks ago. I’ve been steadily building it up. Now I am due to start my 12 week training plan today but am ahead of the game with the long runs. It suggests starting with 30 minutes. Do I reel it in a bit or keep doing a weekly long run as I have been (taking up to just under 2 hours) and continue to build it up to around the 18K suggested? I’ll possibly then get there earlier than the plan suggests... then what? I don’t want to over do it! My aim is ‘just to get round’.

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You may want to post a link back to this question in the Marathon and race support forum healthunlocked.com/marathon... so all the mega experienced folks over there can contribute. I think the HM is probably the last distance that you can get through without it being mega serious, I think if you are putting in runs around 15-18k and running 3 times a week you will be at a good level already to tackle a HM. So it sounds like you are nearly there.

If I understand correctly you are worried that the start of your program is a bit behind where you currently are?

If so you could use the time running the shorter distances to improve your speed, or if that is of no interest then have no fear about modifying the plan so that the longer runs are a bit longer near the start.

As this is your first race I'd definitely suggest doing some park runs and also a 10k or two before the HM just to give you a feel for race events so that the big day isn't a rabbit in headlights experience. You can incorporate these shorter races into your training plan. There should be plenty around if you look.


I don’t think you need a HM plan if you’re up to that! Some of the plans stop at where you’re up to and you just jump to race day.

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