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Week 3 -5k run

Well, week 3 of jujus plan. My original plan was to do the ParkRun ( my first) but when I woke at 5.30 it was already getting warm so , as my daughter was staying with me we decided to run together earlier. I decided to do the 5k run this morning so off we went on the usual Tarka TraIl run. It was really peaceful and still this morning and my legs were enjoying it , breathing was a bit of a struggle though as very polleny today. My daughter has been so busy this week she hasn’t managed to run all week so I thought with all the rest she would be off like a rabbit but she found it very hard today and struggled to keep up.

Annoyingly, we ran the same route, at the same time, both using Garmin watches, started and finishing at the same time. But Strava reckoned she ran at 12.19 a mile and I ran at12.29!!! How annoying is that!!

Heyho!! Another 5k under me belt. Looking forward to the 7k later in the week now 🀣🀣🀣🀣 ......well maybe looking forward to the recovery 3.5k afterwards really.

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Fantastic, you are forging ahead with this. I like family runs: did one a few weeks ago with my daughter and granddaughter, though they are both faster than me.

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Yeah my daughter is much faster than me usually but she’s spent a week in meetings and seized up. And we both struggle with the pollen.

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This is superb, well done. Such a beautiful place to run too.....


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