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Return after a week off - calf pains were dehydration all along!


So, this morning I did my first run since taking a week off because my calves were twinging. I had a sports massage yesterday and the masseuse advices me that there wasn’t a problem with my calf muscles and was I drinking enough water? Suddenly it all made sense. I *have* been dehydrated recently and I used to have this exact same problem when I used to swim a lot. I would get a cramp in my calf until I got into a routine of drinking loads of water and having a packet of crisps (for the salt). I never put 2 and 2 together because... one was in the water and the other on land? So now am going to try and make my own sports drink by adding some sugar, salt and lime to water and drinking lots of that. Seems to be working! My calves were fine this morning but my right hip (which has never been a problem before) hurt a bit. So there you go. Really enjoyed the run and am going to have a week repeating the final week of Couch to 5k again before moving onto something else. Probably going to aim for actually running 5k which will probably take me 40 mins rather than the 30 mins I run at the moment. Anyway. Bit of a ramble! Cheers! *knocks back glass of water*

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Good advice, I rarely drink enough water and with this weather hitting up I think I’ll need to pay even more attention to it.


Glad you got sorted!


Lorks, it is amazing how much dehydration can affect you! But you must be so relieved that is something so easy to fix! Phew.

As for sore hip, well, I used to get a sore hip but worked on core strengthening in order to stabilise pelvis = happy hips. Worked for me. 😁 Everything is SO interconnected in our bodies.

Happy running! *Clinks glass of water*

Glad you've got that sorted.

I had a problem with arthritis in one of my hips but doing planks, glute bridges and a whole host of core strengthening exercises seemed to sort it out.

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