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Running days might be coming to an end!!


A year ago we went to the UK for 6 weeks holiday and I fractured my right foot. Took over 6 months to heal but I managed to start up again in January. In April we went for another long holiday to UK and other places for 8 weeks- this time I have lost my sight in one eye!!! Going to see an Opthmologist today to find out what has happened.

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Oh Bazza I hope you get some good news. Fingers crossed for you. Best Wishes to you.

Hi Bazza,

I am sorry for this outcome.

Hope you get some answers and reassurance.

You have had to cope with big challenges with your foot and now this.

Every good wish with your way forward Bazza.

You are part of my 1234 cubed mantra,I think of you and your rhythm when I need a running infusion.

Hoping your running days do not have to finish.


Wow, Barry that is bad news. I hope they can sort you. I know running has more or less saved your life and I hope you can still get out there.

Whatever, get well soon! We need you!


Basically have a blocked retinal vein which is bleeding and ldaking liquid behind the macula ( fine vision) of the right eye. There are injections which " can" dry this liquid up. Monthly at $600 per injection. Only option and works well for some while not for others. I think I will still be able to run a little (parkrun) - might have convinced the wife to do C25K with me :)

IrishprincessGraduate10 in reply to Bazza1234

Good that you have a diagnosis. Better stay away from the UK in future 😕


Glad to hear there are options and that you'll soon have a new running buddy 🤞

Sorry to hear about all this Bazza, but it's good news that you may be able to continue. And with your wife too, great. Good luck for the next stage.


Sorry to hear this. Does the condition, if the injections don't work or are too expensive, stop you running? I really hope you can get on top of the problem one way or another x


Rotten luck Baz! I hope you can get some improvement in it though 😕

My sister only has sight in one eye, not that you’d notice 🙂 she can’t ride her motorbike now though which did clip her wings somewhat. Otherwise she seems to function normally

Hi Bazza,

Hopefully this works for you and, of course,no threats to your remaining good eye.

I am aware you are a member of the macular society.

I cannot believe that after 27 years I was not aware of their existence.I found them here on HealthUnlocked.

I think the MS are hugely knowledgable and supportive.As a side they have funded two stem cell transplants into the retina/macula of two pensioners , one male and female, and they have regained some of their sight.

Early days but maybe in 5-10 years this will be simply routine.

I had a macro aneurism behind my right eye 27 years ago and lost permanently and instantaneously the sight and have had to acclimatise.

This is not about me, it is about you and the MS describe the loss just like a bereavement.

This is raw for you and very early days.

In retrospect I think this is true.

Pleased that there maybe some hope Bazza for your affected eye.

I just wanted to say as perhaps and by way of maybe some support, I had a TIA 3 years ago and what they describe as a fugax amurosis in my good eye,transient sight loss.

I am pleased to say it resolved itself.

Like you I took up running later in life,an amazing gift that we all want to hold on to.

Of course Bazza we all have to take on board professional advice, and do,way up the risks,only sensible, and we are all uniquely different, but personally and maybe I have lived with this sight stuff longer, but nothing is going to deny me now of this running gift.

Take care of you Bazza and every good wish with your forward journey.

Thanks for all your help and advice on this forum and the MS.


Oh Bazza I am so sorry, I do hope the Opthalmologist can suss out what has happened. Take care :)


Oh no! So sorry to hear that. I hope the doctors can do something for your eye.


Goodness Bazza, sorry to hear that. Do hope the treatment is successful.


I truly hope it's a fleeting thing Baz, very best wishes for a good outcome.


Thanks all for your support. I have found since yesterday that filling in the right lens of my specs with black tape is helping me - it clears my vision forward ( as I am now only seeing through my good left eye - but allows me to have peripheral vision to my rightside (which an eye patch does not) . I will go to parkrun this Saturday but will only walk as we are both under the spell of a really rotten cough!! :( We walked for absolutely miles and miles on this trip of 38 days - in Mumbai, London, Southampton, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Estonia, Russia, New York and on the 3 Cunard Queens. :) But it is nice to be home to our quiet little hidey hole here in Queensland. BTW - I did the parkun at Southampton on the anniversary of my fracture last year. :)


Sorry I missed this, but hopeful that you are going to be back on track at some point! x


Oh so sorry to hear that Bazza! I do hope there is something that can be done. Best wishes!! 🤗❤️

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