Getting to 10k when only running twice a week

I am in the slow lane when it comes to graduate progress.😁 I graduated in October last year and I run 2 or 3 times a week. Illness, injury, holidays tend to break up my routine but my biggest struggle is fitting runs in due to the ridiculous number of hours I work as a teacher😐 I squeeze one run in after work and before I start work again in the evening then I run on a Saturday usually at park run. I'm thinking of stopping park run 😕 so I can work on a longer run. The other run in the week would be a 5k. I have so far got up to 5.6k. I would like to fit in another run if possible in the week but it depends what other things crowd in. Do you think I could achieve 10k with only two runs a week? Mornings are not an option as I'm up early enough as it is and I need all my energy to get through the day! Or maybe I just ought to forget 10k and just keep enjoying park run and getting faster? 

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  • I say that you are doing wonderfully - fitting what you do now into a busy teacher's life!!!!  I think that you should think about why you started learning how to run in the first place. It is very easy to get sucked into this "faster, longer" aspect of running.  2-3 enjoyable 5K's per week is enough to keep you fit and healthy (together with a proper eating plan) , do one 5k in a sociable environment (parkrun), another 5k in an enjoyable scenic environment (discover some sideroads you have never been down before?)  and the final 5K doing some REALLY hard and not enjoyable 1klm intervals on a proper running track (or somewhere private and flat) and you should be proud of yourself! :)

  • Thanks Bazza that makes a lot of sense. I must remember why I'm doing this. It is a leisure activity that should be FUN not necessarily target driven. If only 5ks are manageable at the moment due to time constraints then I shall enjoy doing just that! Thanks 😊

  • I have my second HM in less than three weeks and I have Only ever trained twice a week.  I swim and hike and am quite busy so I really do not have the time to fit in three runs.  I've never considered it a hindrance to my training.  If I want structure or help I use the MyAsics training plan because it accommodates training 2 days a week.  If you don't want so much structure you could set it up and write down all the runs and then do it your own way,  I sometimes do that inbetween training just to have an idea of distances.  Most importantly though enjoy your runs, that really is the only reason to run if that goes you've lost the fun.

  • Thanks real foodie, I'm sure if you can train for a HM on two runs a week then a 10k would be ok for me. Just going to take it easy and see what happens. ill take a look at that plan thanks x

  • I find a routine of 3 runs a week suits me.  2 X 5k (still a decent distance and on a busy day doesn't take so much time) and one "long run" a week.  Like you, I just went a bit further than 5k one day - 5.5k so psychologically knew I had a bit more in me.  Having two short and one long run allows me to recover too.  I went from a 5.5 to a 6, then a 7, followed by an 8 and then did a 10!  Finding a good place for the longer run is important, if possible soft ground, pretty flat and interesting as it takes longer!  If my legs were OK on the run and recovered well, I would go a bit further, if I had soreness, keeping to the same distance.  Even had one week off due to sore knees but I have even run 15k once.  Something that has helped is booking I to an event - I have a June 10k and a September Half Marathon.

  • Sounds good to me😊. Hope your training goes well for your future events.

  • I think you can do it, and do it safely by running twice a week. It's about quality not quantity.  Enjoy the "getting there" as it's really a great distance to get ticked off. I really enjoyed it.  I'm sure you will too.  Taking the pressure off will mean you enjoy it more. You can always get a third run in when you can.  

  • Thanks miss wobble, yep I'm just going to take it week by week. If I get more time some weeks I'll try going further but accept that when time is tight I will be happy just getting out and enjoying 5k which can be wrapped up in a bit over 30 mins😊

  • You will be just fine , if you build up  gradually as you , unless you have a deadline  to work to , go with it,

    You have a busy work/life balance if you can fit in another run some weeks all well and good ☺

    Bottom line is to  keep enjoying running that is why we all do it 😆

  • Hi, I know some who get to Parkrun early and run the course, then do the official timed run. The 2x5k runs a week are fine, maybe do a bit more as and when, don't give up Parkrun, it's an excellent event run by the volunteers..

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