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Pre-work slightly grumpy 3.5k


Morning lovely running friends.

Well, I had a shocking day yesterday, we were trying to sort out the aftermath of a server failure at work, I had a massive row with my boss as a result, which put me in a really bad mood all day, and if I'm honest, I'm still in a bad mood now!! I'll readily admit if I'm wrong, I don't have a problem with that, but I will not be spoken to in the way my boss spoke to me yesterday.

So... I took my anger out on the cyclepath near work this morning! And it was a good run :) Not my fastest, probably one of my grumpiest, but nontheless, a good run. The route I chose had some not-too-severe hills, and I ran it both ways, so I got the hills twice, which I'm hoping will have done me some good.

I would write more, but I should probably go and sort servers out!

I'll tell you all one thing though, I do feel better for having run this morning. I didn't feel like getting out of bed at 5:30am, but I certainly feel happier and more in control of myself.

Have a great day folks!


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A run is always a good stress reliever, hope you have a better day today.

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Thanks orangeguy, yes it is indeed! Thanks for your concern though, it's appreciated. It can't get any worse, right? :P


It's amazing how good you feel once you have got a run under the belt that you didn't feel like doing or weren't in the mood for. Sorry to hear about your boss, I'm a software dev so understand a little about what happens when it all starts to go pear shaped. Hope it all sorts itself out for you. Maybe try signing up for some yoga, i find it fantastic for stretching and also for achieving a bit of calm and de-stressing.

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Thanks pinkaardvark, you're so right, even though I knew work was going to be a PITA today, at least I could turn up feeling good!

I'm lead web developer for an online cycling retailer... which basically means everything's my fault, and any IT related issue anywhere in the business is also my fault! At least they pay me well. Oh, wait...

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I do sympathise . . . up until about a year ago I worked for a graphic design company. From my experience there is an amazing amount of scope for things to go seriously pear shaped with websites, give me a printed catalogue to manage any day :) Strangely enough we used produce a big catalogue for a cycling retailer.

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Thank you orangeguy, thanks for the sympathy, it's much needed!! Having one of those "banging my head against a brick wall" sort of days...!


Sorry to hear you had a grumpy run, Neil. I have had my fair share of those, being a generally grumpy person. Meh. But, very happy to hear it felt good, despite the grumps. I never feel like getting out of bed at 5:30am, but when I have a run planned, I do it! And it makes it a wee bit easier to get up as I love running so. :-)

Hope your day at work is much better. Maybe when things have cooled down you need to have a chat with your boss about how he talks to you when things are tense? I take no prisoners when it comes to office-based relationships – professionalism at all times!

It's almost the weekend, buddy, hang on in there and well done on your early morning run! You are a changed man. :-)

Sadie xx

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Thanks Sadie, always good to hear from my favourite running buddy!

Yes, I am a changed man. I had to, I was a bit sweaty :P Seriously though, despite all the crap, it did feel good this morning. I was hoping for a slightly better time than I did, especially since your recent crop of blistering 5ks, but I guess it was a bit hilly, so to be honest, I'm just glad I run.

The problem here is that the boss is a bit jeckle/hyde like. One minute he's the kindest person you'd ever meet, and the next he's just horrid. Like you, I take no prisoners, but it seems the workforce here generally just takes it on the chin. I have started to challenge him, to try and make him realise that you just can't talk to people like that. I think I'm going to wait until everything's settled down and have a calm discussion with him.

Failing that, I'll just photoshop his face onto Donald Trump's body and stick it up all round the warehouse :P

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Aw, fave running buddy, honestly? <blushes furiously> But oh lord, don't compete with me and my times, I am an idiot with an injury waiting to happen! Be glad you ran, be glad you enjoyed it. :-)

Your boss sounds exactly like mine…and that inconsistency in behaviour is hard to deal with. I don't like it. Not one bit.

Good advice on here Neil.

Sorry about your experience,stressful.

Always thought there is a correlation between a knowledgeable boss and a supportive boss when the pressure is on.

Lots could have learnt something from this forum.

I fear not courageous enough.

Funny Neil, when I reflect on my working life in heavy industrial mining and processing engineering I really never met many who actually genuinely gave you a leg up, so to speak.

Does he run? lol.

Whether he does or not he should be able to walk the walk.

Most I have met did not and were only there for themselves.

Do not get me started on our glorious

Great you got out there and keep shinning the light for the next lot of Panther cubs starting today.

Go the terror team. Have you been looking at shoes like your running mate.You know the one,the inventor of pfffft, hey that just might be appropriate term for you know who.?


Keep enjoying this gift to yourself.

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Aye, it is great advice, and plenty of advice. I left Facebook 2 years ago, and I honestly feel far more of a connection with the people on here than I ever did with my so-called facebook “friends”. The work situation... I’ll just have to put up with it until I can get a better job, as I think it’s got to that point now.

Now the question is, has my running mate Sadie got me fondling random running shoes? Well all I can say is a rather flashy and extremely comfy pair of Asics have caught my eye, though the price is a bit steep. I shall resist though!!

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Way to go Neil.

Very strong, responsible and balanced.

They will certainly be the losers if that is the outcome.

Keep showing us new Panther cubs the way forward.


I seemed to have eaten my emoji


Running is the only thing that keep me "sane" some times and I can sure tell when I haven't run in a while. Great job taking it out on the cycle path this morning, it can take it 😁. I love the undulating hills I have on mine at the beginning and end - nothing feels better than powering up a short hill especially when you're running your stress/grumps away.

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Yes indeed! The effect running has had on my mental health is nothing short of amazing actually.

My normal canal route is completely flat (water doesn’t flow up hills!!) so I really enjoy the little hills, though it does tend to make the toxic 10 effect worse. I like to try and keep up the pace even up the hills. Always good to push one’s self, right?

I’m glad you seem to be enjoying your running too :)


I have to say I have never regretted a run.... always good, and well done for catching the worm 🐛

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Yeah, although I have hated some runs, I have never regretted a single one. I’m so glad I started running.

And the worm? Didn’t stand a chance!!


Good bosses are supportive and help you deal with the problem. People show their true colours in a crisis. Sorry you had day from hell and I hope things are better now.

I also work in IT (sales not operational side) and talk to a lot of people with jobs similar to yours that have responsibilities that can make work very stressful. No excuses though for bad bosses who point blame and don’t share any of responsibility.

Very good that you did something positive and went out for a run. Hope you enjoy weekend.

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Thanks, nice that someone knows how it is! I always try to treat people as I would like to be treated, sometimes it’s hard maintaining that professionalism when the other person is being “challenging”. Anyone can have a bad day, but when the bad days are more frequent than the good days, I think you have to start questioning.


Could have been worse. Think about the Visa problems the other week. I bet there was a right row after that one!

Glad the run helped

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