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Started my bridge to 10k tonight

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After completing my C25K journey I made a few mistakes of 'what is next' and also trying to push speed as I felt I was too slow but suffered shin pain which after taking advice from all you lovely folk I decided to forget the speed and concentrate on what got me through the C25K......... following a programme!

So as I did my first programme at my own pace and didn't focus on how fast I could do it I just focused on completing it. With this in mind I found an identical programme (there is an app for everything) and began my new journey towards 10k.

My first jaunt out went well and I surprised myself like I did doing my C25K and it did feel good to be following a programme again, although I did miss MJ's smooooooth voice telling me I'm doing great 😊

Fingers crossed for me peeps 🀞

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Fingers crossed, though you don’t need luck, you got what it takes, okay! Slow and steady is magical. I am just discovering this for myself. It is THE key. πŸ˜πŸ‘

c1air3 in reply to Sadie-runs

Thanks Sadie-runs 😊

You've got this πŸ‘


Great decision! And good advice about the speed too. For me, speed is in my mind, but I've stopped making it a focus, and if I push myself it's for a more wholistic approach to fitness, rather than just speed on its own. So yes, slow and steady. Most of my best runs have been acheived with that in mind.

Have fun with it though, for me, running has to be enjoyable, or I'd be back on the couch ;)

All the best, Neil

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