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Wobbly ankle advice needed


Hi there, i just graduated from couch to 5k. For my first post-grad run i tried the nearest park run route (see pic).

As part of my consolidating runs i wanted to try and cover 5k even if it meant going on longer than the 30 mins. (I’ve realised stamina is easier than pace for me...)

Annoyingly though at around 35mins my ankle felt like it was going to give way. No pain - just suddenly felt too weak and feeble to hold me up! After the third time i thought i’d better stop before i took a tumble.

Has anyone else experienced this and do you have any advice?

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Ankle strengthening would help, the ankles take so much strain, we need to look after the. I quite like this article and these will help look after your Achilles as well.... if it persisted perhaps seek some help?


Well done on graduating and enjoy growing into your running journey.

misswobbleGraduate10 in reply to ju-ju-

As you are perhaps using under-used bits of your body they are waking up and taking notice. As you keep running you will get stronger and the niggles will magically disappear

Doing other exercise as cross training is a good idea. Walk, swim, cycle, dance etc etc Strength work at home or gym Pilates, yoga, fitness classes etc. Whatever you fancy Try and walk more, if nothing else, as it’s so good 💪👍😃

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