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First run towards the 10k plan 🗸


Morning fellow intrepid running friends!

I know I know, we're out of sync with the JuJu's 10k plan, but as Sadie-runs has a head start on me, I had to get the ball rolling myself, which meant a 2.5k round Buckshaw Village where I work. OK - technically it was 3k because I didn't hear a 2.5k time check from my app and kept going :) Still - it's all running in the bank, so I'm happy.

One interesting thing was that I used the C25K+ speed podcast. The 150bpm at the start just seems too slow for my natural gait, so I may just use some canned running music next time at a slightly faster pace :) The route I ran was the same route I used for completing W5R3 of Couch to 5K. What a difference a few months makes, running for 20 minutes doesn't phase me at all now, I never thought that would be me.

Right - now I should probably get some work done, and there's tea to be drunk too. See you later folks :)

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You’ll do really well with this 👍🏽

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Thanks, your positivity is infectious I think. We'll see anyway!!

Tasha99Graduate10 in reply to Hidden

Maybe for others; not for myself!


Well done Hidden .....sounds like another fab run from you today....don’t forget that biccie with your brew!! 😉

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Thanks Mummycav, already taken care of that, it was a Tunnocks Caramel Wafer. I know how to party lol

MummycavModerator in reply to Hidden

Oooo, I like a tunnocks 😋


Good work, Neil! Being happy after a run is a Very Good Sign!

I was a bit worried about doing the plan out of sync, but just could not wait for the next one to start. Don’t know what came over me, but it felt very important to start right away, as I felt like I was struggling with motivation. I am totally re-motivated now! All I needed was a plan! 😁

I sensed you were ready too...hence dragging you along for the ride!

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Morning Sadie! Thank you, yes I am actually happy, feeling rather positive about running all of a sudden, what is wrong with me?

Thank you for "dragging me a long", and in fact I don't feel like I'm being dragged at all, I want to do this. I feel quite humbled that you would consider me a worthy virtual running buddy actually, given how well you seemed to progress compared to me, after C25K. Anyway, the plan is good, so let's go for it!!

Sadie-runsGraduate10 in reply to Hidden

Afternoon! Nothing is wrong with you…it has just clicked! That happens. :-) I am glad that you are doing this of your own volition, rather than as a result of my goading. :-) It feels quite special that you, Mummycav and I are all attempting this together, seeing as we did C25K together, doesn't it? Serendipity.

Anyway. Let's see how we do. Best of British to you, Neil! And remember, slow and steady…there is no need for speed at this stage, we are building stamina, strength and confidence. And not forgetting mental resilience. x


Brilliant, well done. I love the Speed podcast it’s great for getting quicker and fun too...

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I've actually really enjoyed the C25K+ podcasts, and the speed one is great for when you want a structured run, but only have time for a short one. It still feels like you've done something worthwhile :)

Well you've been and gone and started something now ...

Enjoy 😊

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Aye, just hoping I can go and finish it though ;) Getting to 5k consistently was hard enough... have I really got it in me?

But you know, seeing the Graduate10 badge against your name is a great encouragement!!

DebJogsOn in reply to Hidden

Oh course you can do it! I think longer distances are a mind game more than anything else (unless you want to run fast as well as further). I think getting to 7k was the equivalent of the wk5r3 moment of C25K - when I really started believing I could and once I got to 8k then 10k was literally round the corner.

I also found lots of lovely new routes for my longer runs which were a great distraction too.

Enjoy it 😊

Well done Neil. Nice to see you are having fun!

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Thanks Helen, yes I am having fun when running. And "fun" and "running" are not two words I would ever have associated with each other before, other than perhaps "running is NOT fun". Except now, magically, it is :) I have all the lovely people on here, like you, to thank for the support as well, that really helps.

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