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A Tale of 3 runs and getting to 10k

A Tale of 3 runs and getting to 10k

Run 1

Have you ever run through a library, a theatre, a brewery, a swimming pool or an auction house? Well we did in Rotterdam earlier this month. Take a look at the official video

Run 2

Went out for a run with our son. He said he wanted a slow run and I would be perfect for that! Well I only went and ran 10K. Felt a bit tired afterwards but not really bad. Who me 10K. Great milestone.

Run 3

My favourite. Slowish 3km BUT I was running with Mrs johnM12. Just finishing week 6 on C25K and wanted to try a new route. Brilliant fun and I'm very proud of her. Now I am an official pacemaker and may well have to get one of those black and white running tops!

Take care all and remember its for fun!


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That looks a fab race. what fun! 😃


Well done for the 10k and for supporting Mrs JohnM12.


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