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What have I done, part 2

I know those of you who are seasoned campaigners will probably read this with a knowing wry smile, another one of those how-did-I-do-that posts!

So, what was planned to be an 8k, as part of Ju-ju’s Magic 10 plan took on a life of its own. I’d planned the route, not too many hills towards the end ( they’re bad enough in the middle) and set off early, when the shade is still cool and the sun warm enough. All going well- not sure where all the other runners were though, but lots of Minis driving London to Brighton- until I got to the new additional 1k added onto the route. Did 8k, but then there was a nice bit of downhill so I thought I’d just carry on. Then there was only 1.3k to go to get to the Magic 10, but uphill. You see, I hadn’t planned this bit. Just about made it up, then the cursed watch said only 9.2k so I had a lovely free run back down, slightly surprising the chap at the bus stop with my turn of speed( he had watched me go past the other way alot more slowly!). Surely I was there now? Nope. So while mentally cursing my spontaneity, or why did we buy a house on a hill, or why on earth hadn’t I thought about this more carefully, I turned round, up the hill, back past the chap at the bus stop again( though at least I’d beaten the bus!! ) and the watch clicked past 10k just at the top! Who’d have thought, eh?

I always read fellow posters who accidentally do extra distances with awe, but it just goes to show how the plans and support on here can give you strength and determination. HM, here I come!!!

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Well done 💪😃👍🏃‍♀️

Best laid plans ey 😃

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Well done and Congratulations on your 'accidental' 10k run SW😊...

Its great that you had it in you to keep must feel so proud of yourself✋😎x

Ask for your 10k Graduate badge here...

Good luck with your HM training...

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All the best 10Ks are accidental!


😀Brilliant! It's a good day for running, I think!👍🏃🏻🏃🏽‍♀️😀

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Well done, from another "why did we buy a house on top of a hill" person :) :)


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