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New route, new distance 🤗


So, I had a little adventure on a flat running route today 😱 that’s very different for me as my usual route has some varying gradients. I also had to run without Mr Catbees fancy running watch thingy as I couldn’t work it and the battery was low. *insert eye roll *

I had my phone with me but it’s unreliable on measuring the distance and I haven’t downloaded any apps to help with that...yet!

Anyhoo, I ran for over an hour (give or take 5 mins as I stopped to chat with an elderly gent) and I’ve since worked out that I probably ran 10-11 km!! Kaboom 💥

I’ve learned a few lessons from today’s run...

1. I’m rubbish with technology

2. I need to download a distance measuring app

3. I can run further when it’s flat 🤣

4. I appreciated having a chat on the way

5. I’m going to have to do it again to get that badge Doh!! 💪🏻

Happy running folks 🏃🏼‍♀️🏃‍♂️x

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Great stuff that’s how I managed my first 10k the first 3k is my usual up and down bits but the next 2k was pretty flat so made it easier still 10k though x

Well done that’s some great running

Catbee in reply to Unfitwestie

Thanks, I’m paying for it now though!! 💤

Unfitwestie in reply to Catbee

I bet but your head is telling you that you have done really well I bet. Even if the legs are sore.


That’s amazing Catbee! Well done x

Catbee in reply to AndG

Thank you! 🤗


That's an awesome run! If you don't want to use a watch, I believe you can plot your run with Strava, via your phone's GPS - and a lot of us from the forums here are on the Strava group. But it's a good idea to get familiar with the technology and use a tracker as they are far more accurate, especially the Garmin ones. It isn't as difficult as it seems, and once you get familiar with it, you will find most trackers work in a similar way. It's like digital cameras - doesn't matter if it's a top of the line pro dSLR or a little pocket compact, they nearly all access the menu via a rocker switch, ditto scrolling through your shots.

10 or 11k in an hour is awesome - a time i can only dream of!

Catbee in reply to FlickM3

Thanks, crumbs... it wasn’t an hour exactly, it was slightly longer than that!! Please don’t think I’m a speed demon 🤣 no way near!! I really enjoyed it though and running on the flat was a new experience. And thanks for the tracker advice, I really need to get that sorted! Mr Catbee said he’ll get me one for my birthday (June!) in the mean time I think I’ll take a look at Strava x


Well done on your run! That is great. I use Runkeeper on my phone (the free one, not the premium one at this point) and will often use my Garmin Forerunner 10 watch. Depending on my path and the distance ran, they are fairly close. I find if I run through the open pathway system in town, it reads more accurate than running in the residential area with more obstructions (buildings, trees, etc). You can set up Runkeeper to give you audio cues at certain time or distance intervals which I find really helpful if I'm running an out and back route to know when to turn around.

Catbee in reply to SaskAlliecat

Thank you! I’ll have a look at runkeeper, I like the idea of the audio clues 👍🏻


Well done on the run I'm quite a bit off the 10k yet. Strava on your phone is free with some stats, and verbal info every 500m inc splits etc

Thanks, tbh once you get to 8k it’s not much further!!

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