Is that 10k I can see in the distance?

I ran 7k a few weeks ago so decided to give 8k a go today. Decided to do the park run route as firstly it is all flat and secondly it would help me psychologically knowing it was 3 and a bit times round the park whereas park run is just twice round. After a few mishaps with new leggings that kept falling down, headphones tangling up and pulling my head down, I managed to sort it all out and start running. The park is beautiful and I kept meeting other smiling runners, running in the opposite direction. It was probably my best run to date. I took it steady but managed a fairly even pace all the way round and did it in just over 53 mins. It does make a difference having a flat route! I even felt I had more energy after 5k so I must be improving. Enjoy your running! 😊

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  • Popped over here to read your write up, following your reply on C25k! Sounds like you had a lovley run, and a good time too. One thing about the longer distances is that they do give you time to 'settle' in to them, don't they? A run that might seem a bit laboured at 4 or 5k can become a really comfortable one as you progress to 6 or 7k. For this reason I never listen to any gremlins early on because I know the best is (usually!) yet to come!🙂

  • That's interesting because I always seem to struggle at the 3 and 4 km mark but once I'd got past 5k I felt my legs became looser and I really got into my stride! I never thought I would enjoy a longer run but today I did 😊

  • A good run, well done ☺

  • Thanks I am getting there slow but sure

  • Brilliant, well done...and you must be losing weight if you nearly lost your leggings?!!!

  • If only that were true! I think it's more a case of leggings not being tight enough to stop them rolling under my spare tyre! Lost a few pounds but nothing to shout about. My excess weight is round my middle and that is not budging at all! Think those leggings will have to assigned to the yoga wear drawer.

  • Sounds fab! Do you live near your parkrun then? My nearest is a 20 minute drive away unfortunately, I wish I could run in it during the week as where I live is so hilly and always means I run slower! Ah well. Congratulations again - we've both run 8K today *high five*

  • Hey high five! My park run is a 15 min drive away but like you I am surrounded by hills so I thought I would make the effort and drive so o could run on the flat for the longer distance. Usually I don't have the luxury of having plenty of time to do this but as I'm off work this week it worked well.well done for doing 8k too. We are getting closer to the 10k mark! 😊

  • Probably! If you can get to 8k then you'll go to 10k😊

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