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1st post grad run


Completed couch to 5k on Saturday with a park run and was buzzing all day

Once the programme was completed I was worried that i would n oit have the motivation to do 10k. So am using some of Ju Jus 10K plan in 8 weeks. I have decided to do an interval sesssion for my first session then 5k and then the longer run.

Did the first interval session today and yes it was tough but when you get through it you feel so greaton achieving somnething that 9 weeks ago I would never have dreamed of.

Any hints and tips will be appreciated ( I am worried that for a first run of the week the interval will be too much) but I do want to continue to push myself

Thanks for having me here guys and gals

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Some people consolidate for a while running for 30 minutes for several weeks and then move on to speed/intervals/distance. If you really want to do the intervals then do them once a week and keep the other two runs at 30 minutes. After a few weeks you can start to mix things up depending on what you want to do. But build those running legs first and get into the habit of running regularly.

Well done on graduating and for your first post-grad run 🙂

bertiesugarGraduate10 in reply to Irishprincess

That does seem sound advice. I just fancied giving intervals a go to see if a) I could do it b) if I enjoyed it c) decide if i wanted to continue to do them. My short term goal is run 10k (not bothered about the time)

IannodaTruffeGraduate10 in reply to bertiesugar

Mix it up, try different things, just don't push on too hard at this stage.

The guide to post C25K running healthunlocked.com/couchto5... has advice on consolidation, which is good practice every time you have increased your training load over a few weeks.

Definitely do some consolidation for a few weeks to build up your running legs before you start on the 10k programme. Happy running and congratulations on graduating. 🎉

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