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Ooooooh le streak, le freak


In France for a week and (to try and catch up with some miles lost because of winter) I am on Le Streak. I have to say that I am finding this really liberating and it cuts down on the internal debates, as I am going out, no matter what! So far 20k under the belt and should be 25 by the time I get home. Then it's back to work, chores and family responsibilities, which will mean that running has to take a back seat again :(

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Oooh interesting. Great time to do it while on holidays. I don't know how well I would fair on a running streak but sounds intriguing (especially seeing ju-ju's success!). What sort of distance are you covering in each run? Some longer, some shorter or a consistent distance?

Mixing the distances up and I am so relaxed, I am not setting a target for each run; just seeing how it goes



Lucky, lucky you... enjoy your streaking:)

helenwheels in reply to Oldfloss

I am both; lucky and enjoying it


well done..... thats whay I do it, so there is never a debate.... enjoy your holiday running and dont forget to have some days which are super short and easy to avoid injury. It can be done, I get up early and go out before chores/ family/ work and I never regret it ( well.... mostly!!!)

helenwheels in reply to ju-ju-

Thanks Ju-Ju. Didn’t get out this morning so just off for a super short run just to keep the streak going! Thanks for he advice!


Sounds wonderful - keep on streaking! :)

That sounds like fun, like SaskAlliecat I'm not sure how well I would do on a running streak, but I take my hat off (nothing else) to you streakers. ;-)

helenwheels in reply to Razouski

Strangely I am less achey than usual.


Oh er, sounds fab Helen 🏃🏃🏃 Well done you for mixing it up.


Sounds great....enjoying streaking! while it lasts :(

helenwheels in reply to skysue16

Another 3k in the morning and then clothes back on 😳 for my flight back to Blighty and real life

So 7 days and 25ks

Fastest ever 5 k today!

Day off tomorrow 👍🏃🏾‍♀️👍

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