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Hi everyone I'm having big issues trying to find a podcast for reaching the 5k, I really liked nhs choices one but can't find a good one for this! :(

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There is no NHS podcast for 5to10k, although there are a couple about in the same vein. look for bluefin 5to 10k

Consolidate your runs If you have just compleated c25k, then add 10% to one of your runs each week up to 10k or try juju's 10k plan both just as easy.

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Thank you I like the idea of the 10% think I will give that a go!


If your trying to reach 5k as you say and not 10k, then the c25k+ stamina one should have you running fast enough in the 35mins to hit 5k.

Thanks I'm finished the 5k and have used these plus ones just need to reach 10k now :)

Sorry just reread my post it should say 10k

pinkaardvarkGraduate10 in reply to Fifitat50

No worry's, I second the ju-ju recommendation then. But you need to learn to run without a podcast really. Do you have a gps watch that can track your distance and give you alerts or an app on your phone if you run with that? For a lot of the early runs in the bridge to 10k as they are under 5k you can just reuse the laura podcasts and run less or more as required.

Yes I have an app on my ipod and phone so will have a go as long as I have Music I will get there!


Our very own in-house 10 Is The Magic Number programme with Ju Ju

Listen/see her latest clip and make a start 😃👍🏃‍♀️

There is a clip and info just a few posts back

Fifitat50 in reply to misswobble

Hi misswobble I did sign up for Ju jus plan but for some reason I couldn't find it again??? But I have now thanks x


Oh good! You’re in the best hands possible. Ju-Ju will get you to 10k. Lots of others are signed up too, so plenty of peeps to compare notes with

Have fun 😃👍🏃‍♀️

Fifitat50 in reply to misswobble

After my poor parkrun today 10k is looking far far away! But I will plough on!

Poor parkrun? If you can run 5k you'll have no issues with 10k, Just take it steady and you should get to 10k within six weeks - your 10k should be slower pace than 5K to start, then if you want, you can increase pace accordingly once you are used to 10k - Just like getting used to 5K.


If you're running 5k you'll get there before you know it! I thought it seemed like a really big jump but I just started lengthening some of my 5k runs (without really thinking about it, just didn't feel ready to stop running) and before I knew it 6, then 7, seemed like the norm.

I think Ju-ju's plan is good though - I just extended runs as and when I felt like it, or had the time, without thinking it through and I probably overdid it a little, ending up with sore knees which set me back a while. The great thing about Ju-ju's plan is that you introduce variety into your weekly runs (a shorter run ideally with speed work or intervals, a 5k, and a long, probably slower run) and increase your mileage incrementally and safely. It's dead simple but it works for most people.


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