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Signed up for 10K in August!

Recently completed C25K and now running 5K about 3 times a week. Best time yet has been 35 mins but usually do it in 37-40. That pace suits me much better! Looking for a safe manageable way to increase distance. My ankles and calves have started to feel really tight when I run. Any advice out there? I do stretch fully after each run. Thanks!!

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Well done on your running progress. ju-ju- is about to start her 10 is the Magic Number training up to 10k, why not give that a go?

Plenty of stretches and maybe try a foam roller, every day not just run days

Good luck!


As Millsie-J says, a foam roller is the way to go. For tight calves and ankles you can also self massage them while you're sitting down doing whatever.


Join us tomorrow for the next 10k plan, and as others have said, a foam roller works wonders as well as keeping everything mobile...


Have you read the guide to post C25K running?


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