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Still Pinching Myself :)


After a few hold-ups due to illness, last night I went out and completed the final run of Ju-Ju's wonderful 10k programme. I actually ran a full 10k in a time of 1 hour 6 minutes and 43 seconds, and was absolutely buzzing when I got home, and am still in disbelief this morning.

18 months ago I could hardly run 200 metres without being out of breath and here I am now running for over 1 hour non-stop and still feeling quite fresh at the end :)

My brother is already trying to talk me into taking part in the Great North Run but I think I will consolidate for the remainder of the year and then see how I feel next year :)

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Excellent stuff, and a really quick time. I would love to achieve the 10k in sub 1h10m so I'm ever so jealous :)

Good luck consolidating on that. How do you think you will feel about running weekly for over an hour?

BrunelphilGraduate10 in reply to pinkaardvark

Hi pinkaardvark, I was aiming for a 1h10m 10k and surprised myself with the final time. I think that once you have broken the barrier of running for an hour then it should become easier going forward as you have not only broken that barrier physically but also mentally, which as we know is sometimes the biggest challenge.


Well done, that is a good time and a great acheivement.😎

I did Ju ju's plan last November, and am doing it again now... I enjoyed the journey and the three different runs. I know others who did it have kept their distances up, and now do one run over an hour every week...

Lots of choices..

Happy running😊x


Fantastic, great time and a brilliant achievement ....


Fantastic achievement, well done. It gets easier as you incorporate it as one of your weekly runs.


Great stuff - fab time! You are right about the hour barrier, although I find it hard to relax until it's all over!!


Congratulations! Really well done. Enjoy your success. I recently managed 10k and I’m now trying to consolidate by doing it once a week. I still feel pretty pleased with myself every time I finish! Happy running and good luck with whatever you decide to do from here 😀👍

Congratulations on reaching your goal, and great time!


Really well done. That's a fantastic achievement.


Well done and welcome to our podium.

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