By hook or by crook

Tuesday is an important anniversary for me, 2 whole years of not smoking ,can't quite believe I can say that !!

It wil also be my long run day hopefully of 8k , still trying to get to that so far elusive 10k Mark.

I guess the 1 big thing that has come out of not smoking and starting to run is my sheer determination , stubbornness or anything else you call it to run .

I will run 10k this year and I will run 1 race so I can finally have a bit of bling :) boy will that pride of place when I do.

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  • Well done, this is really fab!!!

  • Thanks :)

  • Not_so_slow_rob this is truly a momentous anniversary. You have determination in spades and will definitely get to 10k and do your race too. Hopefully I'll be hot on your heels working up to 10k but am more than happy to have you as trailblazer :) Looking forward to reading your runniversary long run post. :) x

  • Thank you AM :) our journeys have certainly had their moments :)

    That will make achieving them even more special, know you will do it too :) x

  • Well done on leaving that old habit where it your past. A man of such determination will definately reach 10k this year, I am sure. Lots and lots of luck๐Ÿ™‚.

  • Thanks Sandra :)

  • Congratulations. It's amazing to look back at your smoking self isn't it?

  • Thanks runs :) that was a very very different person back then ... so so glad I am now free of that addiction.

  • Congratulations. Well done on that achievement and on your running progress. Good luck for that 10k and race. Will you be combining the two? Keep us posted.

  • I.d like to be running around 12 k then a 10k race :) there is a local one around June that I am aiming for

  • Well done Rob! Wahay. Go you!!!!

    It never ceases to amaze me what we can achieve once we dig our heels in. Ditch the fags, booze, lose weigh, get fit. What next? Well, for you it's 10!. You'll soon have that polished off. Just keep plugging away a bit at a time, chipping away at it. It's a great distance to get nailed! Go for it!

  • Thanks missw :)

    We are Pretty amazing when you think about it :)

  • Well done Rob. Living with a smoker I get how tough that is! Great job. โ˜บ

  • Thanks Noaky :)

  • I ran 5k for some weeks and still found it so challenging and didn't really plan it, but just on a day when the 5k run was good, just ran on to 5.5k! Helped me to know 5k wasn't a place I needed to stop. Following week, same thing, had a good run and ran on to 6, then did a 7, followed by an 8. Found a flat track round the lake and thought I would keep plodding round again and did 10k. My legs were a little sore so I rested well and dropped down to 5k again. No real well thought out plan for me, just went for it on a good day!

  • Hey Rob, havnt seen your posts for ages. So pleased that you are still out there running. Well done on the not smoking thing. I guess you must be past the point where you will ever start again. That 10k will come this year don't you worry :)

    Happy running Rob

  • Hey Zev :) great too you are still here also :) hope your running is going well

  • Awww our lovely Rob xxx

    Massive Well done on your stop smoking anniversary . Big pat on the back for you and a fist bump .

    One of my old bosses once said to me " The only ever way you could run is if someone ran in front of you dangling 20 fags and a box of matches " At that time many moons ago it was probably true ! Ha ha :-)

    Massive respect Rob, it is one of the hardest things you can ever do , and you did it !!

    The 10k is waiting in the wings for you when youre ready :-) xxx

  • A saw thanks poppy :) you have always been so supportive :)

    That would have been the same for me way back ;)

    That 10k is definitely mine this year poppy :) thank you again xxxxx

  • Well done on you non- smokyversary, can that be a new word??!! That's great Rob, can't wait to see you with that bling, you'll enjoy that race so much and it will be a very proud day. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Thanks aliboo :) ssh it might get a bit emotional :)

  • And why not?! ๐Ÿ˜†dont worry I'll keep quiet!

  • 2 years of not smoking is fantastic - you will reach that 10k for sure x

  • Thanks shiny :)

  • Congratulations! Make sure you let us know as and when you do that race, so we can send good vibes. Keep that determination and you will get to 10k! Just make sure it remains fun โ˜บ

  • Thanks dasher :) I will :)

  • Congrats Rob on the non-smokyversay (love it aliboo!). I stopped in 2008, it's now weird to see smoking and I'm so sad for young people starting it- totally unnecessary! As for 10k I reckon you'll storm it this year. Funnily enough I'm building up my k's now, yesterday 7.2k my longest ever run- bit sore today! Good luck! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Thanks rain, I find it hard to believe I did and as much as I did, I know hindsight is a great thing but really what we're we doing !!

    Good luck with your longer runs too.

  • Well done rob! its a great feeling eh?? I gave up 14 months ago and started running nearly 12 months ago, two of the best things ive ever done. My only regret is not doing it years ago, or never smoking at all, but the positive thing is that we took control back and made massive changes to our lives. Good for you! and go for it with the 10k you'll smash it!! :D

  • Thanks Jules :) and well done to you also.

    It is a great feeling , just proves we are much stronger than we think :)

  • Well done! I packed in the fags 24 years ago, and feel much better for it, and now what with running makes me feel even better, also keeping the weight off.

    I'm also looking at cracking a 10k this year, and find joining a local running club helps with motivation. Will maybe do the 10k winter run next year and get me some bling..๐Ÿ˜€

  • Thanks Davelinks :) Good luck with acheiving your 10k too :)

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