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Running 10K


I haven’t posted before but graduated from C25K just over 3 years ago. I’ve kept running and am now building up to 10K making sure to stick to not increasing my distance by anymore than 10% of the previous weeks total.

I just wondered how often people run 10K once they have done it for the first time? I’d like to maintain my ability to run 10K but not sure I want to do it every week.


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Good for you! You can dash off the odd 10k when you feel like it 😃

One a week wouldn’t be unreasonable, with say a five and an 8k too

It’s up to you. Just do what you’re happy with. You can move up to next distance using the 10% rule, eg half marathon 🙂


Sorry Runner1102, but I don't think there is a single answer for that question that would relate to everyone.


What are your goals?


I think I’ll be happy to be able to run 10K. I don’t see myself wanting to run further. I probably think running 5K regularly but maintaining my ability to run 10K maybe once a month. I don’t want to get injured if I can help it hence wondering whether I need to run 10K more than once a month to try not to overdo it when I do want to run 10K.


I think that sounds like a very sensible plan...


If you have been running for 3 years and have a 10k under your belt and do 5k regularly, you will not have to do 10k all the time to be able to do an occasional one, no.


Thank you very much for all the replies.


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