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Squat Challenge Week 2 - Hands up, Baby!

For all those of you who made it through Week 1 of the squat challenge, Well done! I am proud of you. You are on your way to glutes and hams of steel. Probably around the mild alloy stage at the moment, but that is a huge step, or squat, on from the soft fudge level we were at last week.

Instructions for Week Two are now up.

Skwaat tuff! Skwaat strong! Skwaat as though your buns depended on it (which, fo course, they very much do).

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Good stuff! Done.

I always thought I was suitably slim and toned until the day when, while queuing in a bakery with my then three-year-old son, he asked, for no good reason at all (at typical toddler volume) "Mummy, why are your buttocks so soft?!"

Ha. Try saying that now, kiddo.


Just done. I felt my obliques pull slightly on the bend. Not painful. Is that normal?


You will be using your core muscles a lot more during this exercise so the obliques and abdominals will be brought into play.


Lucky us 🙂


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