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I made it!

I managed to make it out the door yesterday morning. No snow, frost, or high winds, just the inevitable drizzly rain. I hadn't run for over two weeks and was beginning to feel I might never venture forth again. In the end, it was an enjoyable run. Eight o clock on a Saturday morning seems a good time. No schoolchildren, very little traffic, no mums with pushchairs on narrow pavements. Slow and steady, with emphasis on the slow. I am a very long way from 10k but will keep going. Good luck everyone, spring is just around the corner.

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Well done! You will get used to running in poor weather as you quickly get acclimatised in this country we have little option 😃


Good on you for getting out there. That's a big hurdle out the way, now just have to keep it up!

I am finding it really hard to get out this month, it's a pig of a month all round. But we are doing it, in spite of all that so go us! :)

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Yey!!!! Nice to hear from you...glad you enjoyed your run...pace & distance don’t matter, you getting out there & enjoying it is what counts 😉

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