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Stupid calves

I've been running semi regularly for around 2years and I have been blighted by tight calves.

I've had the gait analysis, I foam roll, calf raises, sports massage, rest, short run, slow run, gua sha....the list goes on!!!

I can still run but they're a constant presence until I hit around the 2 mile mark/20min mark and then they stop whinging!

I'd love to be able to enjoy the first part of my run!

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I get it in my weak leg after running sometimes. Another forum member who lives in a hilly area like me says hillrunning causes it. Is it hilly where you are?


Not particularly and I tend to walk any steep hills for that reason...and cos I hate hills!!

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Usually calf tightness is down to either overloading through introducing new stress higher volume, hillier routes etc or accumulated fatigue or simply inadequate strength. If you have been running 2 years and have not changed up your routine, you can probably discount the first. If it goes away after 2 miles it probably isn't the second. Pretty much everypne wuld benefit from strengthening their leg muscles. Standing calf raises and seated weighted calf raises would be your friends here. Try to build up to 3 sets of 25/30 and do that 3 times a week.

The other, slightly more obvious solution would be to warm the calves up more. Get the achey bit out of the way before you start.

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Thanks I will give your suggestions a go x


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