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Injured again 😫

So having taken 4 weeks longer to do the C25K due to a knee strain (from my knee support as it turned out) and after a good couple of weeks since graduation building up and getting 3 good runs a week (one shorter speed building run two 5ks) I’ve got medial tibial shin stress - yep the dreaded “shin splints” in my right shin. The left leg (where I’ve had the knee surgery and problems) is working like a charm! Never had an issue in the past - I’m sure it’s due to the weight and tight hip abductors blah blah - and I know some rest and my Physio will get it sorted but I had just started week 1 of B210k and I’m so frustrated again.

I know it will be OK - I’ve signed up to a local 10k on 6th May so I have time I’m just venting.

Was going so well - the weight is coming off, I feel better then I get 🤕

Will work in the gym on calf and hip strength for a week or two I guess - no running until pain free ....

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Oh no, how frustrating for you! You sound positive though and have a plan so well done for that 😊

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