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Trail running in the dark and other stuff

Sometime ago I posted asking about lights for running at night, thanks for helpful replies, anyway I did the race wearing quite a heavy headtorch in the end it was fine, the race turned out to be 8k not 6k as I thought and was organised by maverick racing. It was brilliant fun (glow in the dark bling, marshmallows and a bottle of beer handed to you as you cross the finish line!). I would thoroughly recommend running on trails at night (plus a light of course) it makes winter running more fun because to do this in the summer you would obviously have to be out rather late.

I am doing an 8k this evening and was lucky enough to be bought a chest light for Christmas so I can’t wait to try it out! Thus event is organised by white star running.

The point of this post I guess is to say don’t be put off entering ‘races’ yes there will always be speedsters at the front but it’s so satisfying to run with others and measure yourself over a different course. You still seem to get the same mix of people you would find at parkrun on a Saturday morning.

Happy running 🏃‍♂️

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Well done, that sounds fab! I like the idea of a night race but my eyesight is not great in the dark and I'd probably end up down a rabbit hole 😭

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I would love to do it 😃. Sounds great fun! I run the trails all day but never at night

Well done! 😃


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